Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 6 to 12 November 2023

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Criminal Offences Related to War Memorials and Cemeteries in NSW

Damaging or desecrating a protected place such as a war memorial or cemetery is a discrete offence in NSW.

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What is a Criminal Justice Visa in Australia?

A criminal justice visa allows a defendant or witness to be in Australia during court proceedings despite not otherwise having permission to be here.

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Truthteller’s Criminal Trial Will Proceed, Despite His Actions Being in the Public Interest

The former defence force lawyer who exposed the truth about war crimes in Afghanistan will stand trial next week, while war criminals go unpunished.

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Food Delivery Riders Face Fines for Not Wearing High-Visibility Vests

Riders face fines for not wearing high-visibility vests or providing proof of safety training.

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Richard Branson Calls on NSW to Decriminalise Drugs, “For God’s Sake”

The businessman has congratulated the ACT on decriminalising drugs and suggested that NSW follow its lead.

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Police Under Investigation Over Another Alleged Assault at Care Facility

Two officers who tasered and pepper sprayed a nursing home resident are facing possible disciplinary action.

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Australian Offences of Genocide, Aggression, War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity

Australia’s ratification of the Rome Statute in 2002 led to new laws against genocide, international aggression, war crimes and crimes against humanity.

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“Why Are We Killing Children?”: Gaza’s Horror Will Collapse the International Rules-based Order

70% of those being massacred are women and children, yet the West is too afraid to demand Israel’s compliance with international law.

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The Offence of Causing Danger with a Firearm in New South Wales

An officer has been placed on a good behaviour bond after pointing a loaded Glock at a junior colleague and saying, “I’ll shoot you”.

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Australian University Severs Ties with Israeli Company Over Genocide in Gaza

The West-enabled massacre currently taking place in Gaza has led a number of organisations to rethink their links with Israel.

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Gaza: Australia is Complicit in the Neocolonial Crime of the Century

Our PM told the media “we want to see all innocent lives protected”, but has for all intents and purposes greenlighted the current massacre.

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Can a Diabetic Episode be a Legal Defence? Automatism in NSW

A person is not criminally responsible for their otherwise criminal actions if their conduct was involuntary.

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AstraZeneca Faces Court Over Claims its Covid Vaccine is Dangerous

The pharmaceutical giant is accused of misleading regulators and the public about injuries its vaccine can cause.

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