Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 23 to 29 October 2023

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

What is the Knowledge Requirement for Drug Importation in Australia?

A Canberra man is accused of commercial drug importation after anomalies were detected in his luggage.

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Suicide of Detained Teen Highlights the Desperate Need for Reform

The recent suicide of 16-year old Cleveland Dodd highlights the counter-productive and potentially tragic consequences of Australia’s detention regime.

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The Shepherd Direction: Fundamental Facts Must Be Proved Beyond Reasonable Doubt in Circumstantial Cases

While a combination of facts can establish guilt in circumstantial cases, any that are indispensable to guilt must be proved beyond reasonable doubt.

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“Ultimate Goal of Genocide”: Palestinian Action Group’s Josh Lees on Israel’s Gaza Massacre

Western nations must stop enabling the Israeli genocide of Palestinians.

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Supreme Court Overrules Parents’ Decision to Refuse Toddler Blood Transfusion

The court found it was in the child’s best interests for doctors rather than parents to decide whether to provide a blood transfusion.

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Is Wage Theft a Criminal Offence in New South Wales?

A class action lawsuit is being brought against KFC over claims it systematically failed to provide employees with mandatory breaks.

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Ruby Princess Class Action: Federal Court Finds Carnival Cruises to be Negligent

The operator made misleading statements and breached its duty to provide passengers with a safe trip.

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Strip Searches: Minns Probes Whether Sexual Assault by the State Is Right for Kids

Our premier appears to believe it’s fine to strip search girls as young as 12 because police in other states are also doing it.

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NSW Premier Won’t Introduce Pill Testing, Despite Continuing Deaths and Calls From His Own Party

In the wake of drug-related deaths at a recent music festival, a Labor MP is calling the premier introduce life-saving reforms.

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The Flaccid Diplomacy of Vassal State PM Anthony Albanese in the US

Our obedient PM is happy to commit $368 billion for submarines, but too scared to ask for action on Assange or other matters of importance.

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Man Refused Compensation Despite Nearly Dying Due to COVID-19 Vaccine

The healthy father of four nearly died after being administered the injection, but cannot sue and is being denied government assistance.

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