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Recklessly Causing Grievous Bodily Harm or Wounding

Do Mandatory Sentences Work?

by Ugur Nedim
The issue of mandatory sentencing has been in the media recently, with NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell announcing the proposed introduction of mandatory sentencing laws for alcohol-fueled one-punch attacks. Under the proposed new laws, defendants found guilty of fatal offences involving...

What the Law Says About “King Hit” Attacks

by Ugur Nedim
Our video and blog post below discusses what the law says about ‘king hit’ attacks. Alcohol-related violence has been in the media spotlight recently, particularly the growing number of king hit incidents – which some have called “coward punches” –...

Controversial Bill “Zoe’s Law” Passes NSW Lower House

by Ugur Nedim
Unborn babies are now on the way to having separate legal recognition to their mothers after a controversial bill passed the lower house of the NSW Parliament last week. Under the bill, known as Zoe’s Law, defendants could for the...

What Types of Cases Appear at Parramatta District Court?

by Ugur Nedim
The NSW court system is divided into three different levels of court. The local court deals with less serious matters. Local court hearings are presided over by a magistrate rather than a judge and jury. The district court is where...
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