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A Right Now Politician: An Interview With the Australian Greens’ Matthew Thompson

by Paul Gregoire
In many ways, this coming federal election is an anomaly in its disconnect. According to the ABC’s Vote Compass, the number one issue that concerns Australian voters is the environment, which for the most part means climate change at present....

Why the Greatest Medicinal Plant is Outlawed: An Interview With HEMP’s Dr John Jiggens

by Paul Gregoire
As Australian historian Dr John Jiggens puts it, cannabis is the “greatest herbal medicinal plant on the planet”. It can be used to treat more conditions than any other medicine. There’s no risk of overdose. And early last century, it...

Police Raid on Nimbin Hemp Embassy: Little More Than a Show of Strength

by Paul Gregoire
Stores in California will open at 2am AEST tomorrow morning. And some of the shoppers living in the fifth largest economy in the world will buy legal cannabis to smoke. Meanwhile, there will be other Californians at home, tending to...

End Prohibition. Vote HEMP: An Interview With Dr Andrew Katelaris and Michael Balderstone

by Paul Gregoire
As Australian historian Dr John Jiggens recalled in 2010, an article appeared in a major Australian newspaper in 1938, warning about a “Mexican drug” that causes madness. And this report introduced the term “marijuana” to the Australian public. “Under the...

Woman Are Less Likely to Support Cannabis Legalisation Than Men

by Zeb Holmes & Ugur Nedim
Community attitudes towards the legalisation of cannabis have shifted in recent years, with more and more people calling for marijuana to be legalised in Australia. However, research by North Carolina State University has suggested that women are less likely than...

It’s Time to Regulate Cocaine and MDMA: An Interview with Transform’s Steve Rolles

by Paul Gregoire
The debate around legalising recreational cannabis in this country is growing louder. What once seemed to Middle Australia like a far-out idea held by some rural hippies, nowadays, isn’t such a distant concept as the news of successful legalisation in...

On Legalising and Regulating Cocaine: An Interview With Dr Julian Buchanan

by Paul Gregoire
The NSW police drug detection dog program has been widely criticised, as it gets it wrong between two-thirds to three-quarters of the time. And the 2006 Ombudsman report pointed out that when searches are successful, most only turn up small...

From Decriminalising to Legalising Cannabis: An Interview With Ex-ACT Health Minister Michael Moore

by Paul Gregoire
As far as ACT Labor MLA Michael Pettersson is concerned, his territory will be legalising the use and personal possession of cannabis before the year is out. The legislation he introduced to make this happen is currently before a parliamentary...

Calls for Overhaul of Drug Driving Laws

by Paul Gregoire
Roadside drug testing was introduced into the NSW setting in 2007. Just like random breath testing (RBT) for alcohol, drug testing drivers was said to be brought in to improve safety on the roads. But, unlike RBT, it doesn’t test...

The Intrusions Increase: Police Are Conducting Strip Searches at Train Stations

by Paul Gregoire
On Wednesday 13 March, photos emerged on Facebook that showed NSW police officers on a platform at Sydney’s Central station at 2.25 pm, accompanied by sniffer dogs and with strip search tents set up on the side of the walkway....
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