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Criminal Code Act Offences

The Proposed Federal Offence of Sharing Deepfake Adult Porn in Australia

Federal attorney general Mark Dreyfus has introduced legislation that proposes new criminal offences to prevent the sharing of nonconsensual sexually explicit material online, including deepfakes, and making these offences consistent across the nation. Indeed, it’s the images created by artificial...

Theo Speaks: Pro-Palestinian Citizen Threatened With Bomb Pushes for Terrorism Charges

Imagine walking out to your driveway and finding a homemade bomb sitting on the bonnet of your car. The explosive device is made of a jerry can, partially filled with petrol, with a rag hanging out. Bolts are strapped to...

Terrorist Act Against Pro-Palestinian Not Regarded as Terrorism at All

A resident of Botany and his partner came across a do-it-yourself bomb sitting atop the bonnet of his ute parked in his driveway, near the Palestinian flag he’d erected by his letterbox, along with a message board expressing his dismay...

Returned ‘ISIS Wife’ Pleads Guilty to Entering and Remaining in a ‘Declared Land’

A New South Wales woman has pleaded guilty and will be sentenced for willingly entering and staying in Syria to be with her husband, who is accused of being a member of the declared terrorist organisation Islamic State. Australian citizen...

Is Doxxing a Criminal Offence In Australia?

The Albanese government is  proposing a new criminal offences for ‘doxxing’, after chat logs of a pro-Israeli WhatsApp group in Australia were released online last week. The details were leaked by pro-Palestinian activists who were documenting the involvement of prominent...

Is Entrapment a Defence to Criminal Charges in Australia?

The Guardian Australia recently reported a shocking case whereby counter-terrorism police encouraged an autistic 13-year-old boy in Victoria to engage in terrorism offences he would unlikely have otherwise committed. The revelations came to light in the wake of a Victorian...

Criminal Offences Relating to Terrorist Organisations, Declared Areas and Foreign Fighting

Federal Attorney- General Mark Dreyfus informed the public during a press conference on 28 December 2023 that two Australian citizens were killed during an air strike in Southern Lebanon the previous night. The nation’s chief lawyer added that the listed...

The Criminal Offence of Threatening Serious Harm Over the Internet

A United Staes man has been arrested in conjunction with the Wieambilla shootings last year, during which two police officers and four Queenslanders died.  Donald Day Jr was arrested by the Federal Bureau of Intelligence in Arizona on 1 December...

The Offence of Reckless Foreign Interference in Australia

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A Sydney businessman accused of unlawfully selling information to Chinese spies has vehemently denied the allegations and is vowing to defend the charges. 55-year old Bondi marketing director, Alexander Csergo, was charged earlier this year with one count of reckless...

Israel’s Right to Self Defence Does Not Extend to Genocide

Standing next to Australian prime minister Anthony Albanese in the White House Rose Garden on 25 October, US president Joe Biden reiterated that “Israel has the right, and I would add responsibility” to “defend itself against these terrorists”.  By “terrorists”...
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