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Deemed Supply

NSW Drug Summit Agenda: Decriminalisation, Drug Detection Dogs and Deemed Supply

The Minns government has finally announced it will be holding its preelection promised NSW Drug Summit, which will comprise of a four day forum with two regional dates set for October, along with two dates of hearings to be held...

Defending Drug Charges: Putting the Prosecution to Proof and Raising Available Defences

If you have been charged with a drug offence, it is vital to be aware that each of these offences contains several ‘essential elements’ (or ingredients) which the prosecution must prove beyond reasonable doubt – the prosecution will fail if...

Your Guide to New South Wales Cocaine Laws

Cocaine use is on the rise in Australia with the latest national statistics finding 11% of Australians have used cocaine in their lifetime and 4% have used in the past 12 months. Here’s a summary of the laws, penalties and...

Can You Be Found Guilty of Drug Possession for Handling Drugs Without Your Knowledge?

A Sydney UberEats driver recently discovered that the package she was asked to deliver contained crystal methamphetamine. The driver became suspicious of the package and reported it to police, receiving a one star review from the would-be drug supplier as...

What are the Penalties for Prohibited Drug Offences in New South Wales?

The main piece of legislation in New South Wales which facilitates the prohibition of drugs is the Drug Misuse and Trafficking Act 1985 (‘the Act’). The main criminal offences contained in the Act are divided into two parts: Summary offences...

Reining in Police Powers: Shoebridge on His Drug Dog and Strip Search Bill

Over the last two years, unlucky commuters at Sydney’s Central Station have been confronted with NSW police officers accompanied by drug dogs. Deployed at peak hour, these officers have been equipped with screens, allowing them to strip search citizens if...

The Law, Defences and Penalties for Drug Supply in New South Wales

A young woman has been charged with drug supply after allegedly being found with 1000 MDMA (‘ecstasy’) tablets at a music festival. New South Wales police officers are reported to have found 800 tablets in the woman’s bra and 200...

The Penalties for Possessing Cocaine in NSW

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“It’s just a bit of fun, I’m not hurting anyone. Everyone does it. It’s better than getting out of control on alcohol.” Indeed, the use of cocaine - a drug once used in soft drinks like Coca-Cola – is prevalent...

Man Imprisoned for Buying Drugs on Dark Web

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A former A-grade Darwin rugby league player has been sent to prison for supplying drugs in the form of hundreds of MDMA tablets sent through the ‘dark web’. The Supreme Court found that 27 year-old plumbing assistant and under-eights coach,...

Indictable Drug Supply Cases Can Now be Finalised in the Local Court

Until recently, cases of drug supply which involved more than the ‘indictable quantity’ but less than the commercial quantity could not be finalised in the NSW Local Court - they were ‘strictly indictable’ which meant they had to be committed to...
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