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Stealing / Larceny Offences

Shoplifting: Easier to Commit and Justify than Ever Before

by Sydney Criminal Lawyers
Criminologists are concerned that self-service checkouts are gradually normalising the act of shoplifting. Easier to Steal Professor Larry Neale from Queensland University of Technology’s business school believes the absence of humans at every checkout makes the act of stealing easier...

If It Smells Like Sh#%, You Must Acquit

by Ugur Nedim
How could anyone forget American defence lawyer Johnny Cochran’s legendary line, ‘If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit’? There are all sorts of explanations about why the glove produced as an exhibit during the trial of OJ Simpson didn’t fit –...

Do I Look Good in This? Man Sentenced for Stealing Barristers’ Outfit

by Ugur Nedim
The CCTV footage shows a man dressed as a barrister walking along the corridors of Geelong Magistrates Court, which would not normally cause any concern. But the problem is, it is the middle of the night, and the man in...

Examples of Why Crime Doesn’t Pay

by Sydney Criminal Lawyers
Just for laughs, we’ve rounded up some of the funniest (attempted) offences from around the globe. 1. A low high A trio of thieves breaking into a home discovered three jars of cocaine, and couldn’t believe their luck! They took...

A Pistol With That, Sir? Officer Leaves Gun at McDonalds

by Ugur Nedim
Imagine you’re a car salesman and accidentally have a brand new car stolen because you left it in a public place, unlocked with the keys in the ignition, with a full tank of petrol, while you were on the job....

Meals-on-Wheels Thief Learns Her Fate

by Ugur Nedim
72-year old Marlene Barry will serve the next 15 months on home detention in Sydney, after being sentenced by Magistrate Favretto in Downing Centre Local Court for stealing almost $150,000 from the Benevolent Society. Court reports say Ms Barry worked...

Music Piracy: Not a Bad Thing After All

by Ugur Nedim
Earlier this week, we heard news of the passing away of a musical genius. Prince was an artist who not only revolutionised the music industry through his unique style and prolific output of records, but who fought years of very...

The “Grand Theft Auto” Generation and Violent Crime

by Ugur Nedim
Victoria saw an 8.1 per cent increase in crime last year, largely driven by double digit percentage growth in theft, drug and weapons offences. Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton has expressed concerns about a dramatic rise in youth offending,...

The Multi-Million Dollar Spelling Mistake

by Ugur Nedim
Despite masterminding one of the biggest bank thefts in history, one group of hackers narrowly failed in its recent attempt to scam money due to a humble spelling error. The Bangladesh Central Bank was the chosen target. Hacking and using...

Stealing Wildlife is No Laughing Matter

by Ugur Nedim
WA Police were surprised by an unusual visitor at Kensington Police Station over the weekend. A critically endangered radiated tortoise was left inside a backpack at the station. Police later discovered the tortoise, who was showing signs of distress, had...
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