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Malicious Damage

Islamic College Targeted by Hate Criminals

In the latest of several recent anti-Islamic crimes, a four-wheel drive has been firebombed and racist graffiti sprayed at the Australian Islamic College in WA, while hundreds prayed at a nearby Mosque. The attack has led to calls for greater...

RIP Presumption of Innocence: Bail Laws Getting Tougher Nationwide

We have written extensively about our state’s tough new bail laws, which have seen the NSW prison population skyrocket, causing overcrowding and associated problems. NSW is not the only state to get tough on bail – similar trends are being...

Political Correctness, Racial Profiling and Policing

Last weekend saw groups of young people rioting through the city of Melbourne, disrupting the city’s annual Moomba family festival. Melbourne police reported that the property damage and violence carried out towards festivalgoers was largely the work of the Apex...

Art or a crime? Acclaimed Street Artist Faces Graffiti Charges

Acclaimed Australian artist, Anthony Lister, whose works appear in the homes of celebrities like Hugh Jackman, Pink, and Pharrell Williams, appeared in a Brisbane court recently, charged with wilful damage by graffiti. Hailed as “Brisbane’s Banksy”, Mr Lister is widely...

Stars of Australian Sport on the Wrong Side of the Law

Our sporting stars are admired by millions of Australians, but this does not mean they are out of the law’s long reach. Here we share the stories of five icons of Australian sport who have recently faced criminal charges. 1....

Eviction for Public Housing Tenants who Commit Crimes

There are currently 60,000 people on the waiting list for public housing in NSW, signifying the huge demand that exists for the service. And the wait is becoming excruciatingly lengthy - with families in Grafton, Byron Bay, Port Macquarie and...

Paying Compensation for Crimes: Restitution, Reparation and Victims Compensation

For those who plead guilty or are found guilty of a criminal offence, the next step is the sentencing date - which is where the magistrate or judge decides the appropriate penalty. Defendants obviously want the best possible outcome when...

Dogs Die in Hot Cars: The Need for Better Laws

You wouldn’t do it to your child - so why do it to your pet? This is the argument that animal rights advocates have put forth in a bid to criminalise the act of leaving pets unattended inside locked cars....

Sobriety Bracelets as an Alternative to Prison

Most of us are aware that very little rehabilitation occurs in prison, so naturally, alternatives to incarceration can be a good thing in the long run. One initiative to cut down on alcohol-fuelled crime and the rising prison population is...

Getting Damages for Malicious Prosecutions in NSW

If a person believes they have been the subject of unjustified criminal proceedings, they may have grounds to claim back their legal costs or even sue for malicious prosecution. Claiming costs at the end of Local Court proceedings Section 213...
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