Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 10 to 16 May 2021

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Tensions Rise in Northern Ireland, Sparking Concerns About Renewed Violence

Citizens of Northern Ireland have increasingly felt targeted and alienated by those with regional power.

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Further Charges Brought Against George Floyd’s Killer, While Justice Continues to Evade David Dungay

David Dungay repeatedly stated ‘I can’t breathe’ while being held face down on the bed, before losing consciousness and later dying.

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Jack de Belin Not Guilty of One Count of Sexual Assault, Hung Jury on Remaining Counts

The second trial resulted in one not guilty verdict and a hung jury on the remaining five counts.

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Fortress Australia Now Includes the Turning Back of Citizens as Illegal Flight Entries

Morrison’s India travel ban has left thousands of Australians unable to return home.

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Queensland Police Officers Accused of Misconduct

Four officers have been accused of allowing a police sergeant who admitted he was drinking to avoid a breath test, and planning to delete footage of the incident.

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Intensive WA Suicide Program Proves Outreach Can Reduce First Nations Deaths

The program is proving effective in reducing Indigenous suicides.

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NSW Barrister Struck Off for Tax Avoidance

The barrister was found guilty of professional misconduct for failing to pay tax.

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Religious Zealotry Is Dangerous: The Rationalist Society’s Dr Meredith Doig on the PM’s Speech

The PM declared to a Pentecostal gathering that he was “chosen” by “the Lord” and vowed to defeat the “Evil One”.

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Apartheid Israel Unleashes Terror Campaign Upon Palestinians in Gaza

“It is an open assault, with civilians, including kids, as the main victims… If this is not a war crime, then what is?”.

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Trans Is a Gift, Not a Threat: AusPATH’s Teddy Cook on Latham’s Anti-Trans Laws

Mark Latham’s Bill seeks to “ban any mention of the trans experience within the public school system… to make [trans people] invisible”.

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What Is Involuntary Manslaughter?

The manager of a truck company is facing manslaughter charges after his driver killed four police officers who exited their vehicle on a freeway.

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“We Just Need to Be Freed”, Says Detained Medevac Refugee Hamid Reza Yousefi

“All of us are refugees. I was recorded as a refugee in 2015 on Manus Island. But I’m still in detention.”

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The Number of Prison Inmates is Rising as Crimes Rates are Falling

There has been a dramatic increase in prison inmates over the past two decades despite a significant decrease in crimes rates.

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What is a Sentencing Discount in New South Wales?

22 year old Mert Ney was sentenced to a minimum term of 33 years behind bars after pleading guilty to murdering 24 year old sex worker Michaela Dunn.

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