Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 10 to 16 October 2022

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Thailand Uses Efficient Transport Options, While Control and Revenue-Raising Prevail in Australia’

While Thailand takes advantage of efficient transport options, our governments and councils seem more intent on maximising revenue.

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US President Expunges Federal Criminal Convictions for Cannabis Possession

The president has ordered the deletion of past federal convictions for the cannabis possession. Meanwhile. the plant continues to be criminalised here.

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Diplomacy is Needed to Prevent the Possibility of World War III

There are concerns the formation of alliances and rising tensions across multiple conflicts could lead to something none of us want to believe could ever occur.

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NSW Labor Considers Revoking Draconian Anti-Protest Laws

Labor is considering revoking laws enacted by the previous government which have drastically restricted the ‘right’ to protest in NSW.

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Failing to Stop and Assist After an Impact Causing Injury, GBH or Death in NSW

A teen has been charged with six traffic offences after a horror crash that is alleged to have killed a 12-year old boy.

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Sentence Reduced as Judge Failed to Consider Impact of COVID in Prison

The appeal court reduced a man’s sentence due to the impact of the COVID pandemic on his prison conditions.

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Privacy Watchdog and Media Regulator Launch Investigations into Optus

Optus could face millions in fines if it is found to have inadequately implemented protections against the hacking of data.

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Victoria Police Set to Become Less Accountable Than Ever

Victoria’s Police Accountability Project has drastically cut its services due to funding shortages.

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Beyond the Material: Capturing Thai Spirituality in Photos

While there’s a move away from faith-based beliefs in many nations, religion and spirituality remain very much alive in Thailand.

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Labor Says “F#*K Off We’re Full” to Medevac Refugees, After a Decade of Torture

Hopes of a more humane government have been dashed by Labor informing Medevac refugees who’ve been living in the community that they will never be welcome here.

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Kids Continue to be Locked-Up with Hardened Adult Criminals in Queensland

Children continue to be detained with “some of society’s most dangerous… [adult] criminals” in high security police watch houses.

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Ruby Princess Class Action Commences in Federal Court

The lawsuit claims the owners of the cruise ship were negligent in allowing passengers infected with Covid-19 to disembark.

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Australia’s Focus on Punishing Rather Than Diverting Youths is Counter-Productive

Punitive measures may win votes, but prevention and diversion produce far better results when dealing with troubled youths.

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Dristi Nepal’s Parina Subba Limbu on the Rights of Women Who Use Drugs

The founder of Nepal’s first organisation supporting women who use drugs believes economic empowerment is the key to resolving their issues.

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Dunghutti Activist Paul Silva Calls on Wider NSW to Protest Record Custody Deaths

There are calls for the broader community to stand with First Nations people in protest, after 2021 saw the highest number of Indigenous deaths in custody in decades.

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International Far-Right Monitor Identifies Australian Hate Groups

The monitor is scathing of Australia’s “history of far-right and white supremacist activism, often rooted in its colonial experience”.

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