Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 11 to 17 December 2023

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Child Pornography and Child Abuse Material Offences Across Australia

All states and territories have laws against possessing, producing and distributing sexually explicit images of children.

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NSW Police Commissioner Seeks to Influence Composition of Coroners Court

The police commissioner appears to believe it’s her place to decide who should be presiding over inquests involving deaths at the hands of police.

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Albanese’s “Enough is Enough” Stance on Assange Is Pitiful. The People Demand More

Assange supporters turned up to the prime minister’s office to express their disdain over the government’s inaction.

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Sydney’s Pro-Palestinians Condemn Ongoing Gaza Genocide and the Complicity of Albanese

“Supporting Palestine does not make you antisemitic. It doesn’t make you anti-Jew… It makes you human.”

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Albanese Has Thrown Open the Doors to Unquestioned US Military Presence and Control

Our nation has continued to relinquish independence and sovereignty by handing over local military installations to the United States.

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The Right to Silence in New South Wales

The right to silence was diluted a decade ago, in a move that increased police power by keeping lawyers out of police stations.

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“A Sense of Complicity in Genocide”: UniMelb for Palestine’s Dana Alshaer on the Lockheed Martin Partnership

“You can see the difference between which human life matters…. some people have a right to self-defence and some people don’t”.

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Hiding Australia’s Complicity: Shoebridge on Wong’s Trumpian Denial of Weapons Export Probing

Senator Wong refused to answer questions about why our nation has supplied the very weapons being used to carry out the current genocide.

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New Tougher Laws Against Hate Speech in NSW: A Kneejerk Reaction to a Likely False Flag

The basis for the tightening of hate speech laws is misconceived and the move will do little more than unjustifiably impede free speech.

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True to Form: Victoria Police Continues to Permit Nazis to March in Public Unannounced

Victorian police have taken a very difference stance towards neo-Nazis than they have against climate defenders and other activists.

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US Summons Australia to the Middle East, as Congress Approves AUKUS Bill

Australia has lost its way, with our PM following up his call for a Gaza ceasefire by signalling Aussies may be inserted into Middle East conflicts.

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How Much Does a Lawyer Cost in Australia?

A man charged over half a million dollars for an unfair dismissal case has taken his lawyers to court.

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