Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 4 to 10 December 2023

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Drink Driving in New South Wales: Laws, Defences and Penalties

It’s important to be aware alcohol can remain in the system for many hours and cause you to inadvertently place yourself and others in danger.

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Sydney Condemns Israel’s Colonial Crimes, as the Genocide Resumes in Gaza

Sydneysiders have joined millions across the globe to condemn the Israeli genocide, which has just recommenced in Gaza.

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Firearms Laws and Licences in New South Wales

Australia has some of the most stringent firearms laws on earth.

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The Reasons the High Court Ruled Indefinite Detention Is Unlawful in Australia

The highest court in the land found that legislative provisions that purport to enable indefinite detention are unconstitutional.

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Increased Criminal Penalties Have Failed to Deter Online Abuse

Online abuse continues to grow despite there now being an eSafety Commissioner and penalties having been increased.

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A “Geopolitical Debacle”: ‘Dubious Information and Evidence’ Used Against Extradition Detainee

Police used false evidence to bolster an application to seize property belonging to the wife of a man held in prison isolation at the behest of the United States.

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Vandalism Offences in Australia

Vandalism is disruptive, costly and frustrating for property owners, and can lead to serious consequences for those who engage in it.

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The Criminal Offence of Sexual Touching in New South Wales

Several men have accused radio shock-jock Alan Jones of sexually touching them without consent.

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The Criminal Offence of Threatening Serious Harm Over the Internet

A United States man has been charged in connection with last year’s Wieambilla shootings.

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Assault Offences Across Australia

A summary of the laws, defences and penalties that apply to assault offences across the nation.

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Assaults, Extortion and Murder are Common Across Australian Prisons

Two prison inmates have been charged with extortion and murder after allegedly killing a fellow inmate when he failed to comply with their demands.

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“The Climate Movement Is Back”: Violet CoCo on XR Taking Over the Streets of Naarm

Safeguarding the climate is protecting our future generations, which we should all be fighting for.

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Your Rights at Music Festivals in New South Wales

With the festival season upon us, knowing your rights and responsibilities is important when heading to your big day out.

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Fraud Offences in Australia

A summary of fraud offences that apply across the nation, including the defences and penalties.

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Albanese Votes Down Thorpe’s Post Referendum Indigenous Rights Advancing Bill

Parliament had rejected a bill which sought to uphold the basic rights of our Indigenous people.

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“Literally Black Sites”: Dr Julie Macken on a Royal Commission into Immigration Detention


Our nation ‘had a proud record of settling asylum seekers’, but current punitive policies will tarnish our reputation for decades to come.

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Despite Pill Testing Bill, Minns Condemns Festivalgoers to a Summer of Drugtaking Blind

Successive state governments have rejected measures that have proven elsewhere to save lives by reducing the risks associated with drug use.

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NSW Police Under Fire for Manhandling Woman with Baby

Officers rushed and forcefully grabbed a woman who had a sign in one hand and her baby in the other.

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High Court Rules Against Indefinite Detention, So the Majors Pass Laws to Reinstate It

Politicians have sought to defeat the ruling that indefinite detention is unconstitutional by passing legislation to reinstate the punitive regime.

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