Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 14 to 20 March 2022

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Sydney Man Charged with Defrauding Elderly Women

A Sydney man is accused of stealing the life savings of two elderly women.

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Let’s “Focus on Relieving Tensions”, Says Chomsky. With a Global War, “We’re Done”

“We should be focusing on the opportunities to end this tragedy… [because] If a global war develops, we’re done.”

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“A Woke Mob Democracy”: Christensen Decries a Nation Devoid of Christian Liberties

The politician claims, “[w]e have slipped as a nation from a liberal democracy… to a woke mob democracy and that spells a lot of trouble for people of faith.”

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Does Australia Need Stronger Environmental Protection Laws?

The Federal Court has ruled that our government does not owe a duty of care to protect Australians against harm to the environment.

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A Bill to End Ongoing Stolen Generations Is on the Verge of Becoming Law

A law which makes it harder to remove First Nations children from their families may soon be passed.

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“The Key Decisions Are Being Made in Boardrooms”: Scott Ludlam Talks State Capture

There is a concerning trend of amendments to laws being drafted by corporations and adopted by governments.

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Sydney Man Charged with Murder Over Boarding House Fire

Three people died after a former boarder allegedly set fire to a boarding house in Newtown.

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A Constant Erosion of Citizens’ Rights: An Interview With Liberty Victoria’s Michael Stanton

“There’s an increasing authoritarianism that’s shared by both sides of politics… This should be a concern for all.”

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Terrorism Offender’s Sentence Reduced, as His Words Weren’t as Serious as First Judged

A young Muslim man convicted of terrorism for writing 25 threatening words has had his prison sentence reduced on appeal.

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Morrison’s Deporting Crime Issues to New Zealand, and It’s Starting to Feel It

Australia’s mass deportation of Kiwis is having an adverse impact both here and across the Tasman.

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Hillsong Church Admits Founder’s ‘Indiscretions’

The current head of the organisation has admitted that its founder engaged in inappropriate conduct.

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“Be Prepared for Ruin When Blowing the Whistle”: Independent Calls for Real Protections

“If we want a better world, then let us protect the honourable and the right to know.”

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Sydney Pharmacist Imprisoned for Commercial Drug Supply

A successful pharmacist has been sent to prison for assisting in the supply of ‘ice’.

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