Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 18 to 24 March 2024

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Terrorist Act Against Pro-Palestinian Not Regarded as Terrorism at All

Police decided not to charge a Zionist with engaging in a terrorist act despite him allegedly planting a homemade bomb in the driveway of a pro-Palestinian protester.

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Extended Supervision Orders Can Only Be Imposed If Necessary to Protect the Community

The Supreme Court has found it unnecessary for a teenager who served eight years behind bars for drafting a document to be subjected to extended supervision.

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NSW Police Under Fire for Illegally Conducting Warrantless Searches

Nearly 90% of searches find nothing, raising concerns they are being undertaken without sufficient grounds.

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A Year in It’s Certain, Chris Minns Is a Liberal Premier Dressed in Labor Trappings

Hopes that a change in leadership would lead to progressive reform are all but dashed.

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New South Wales Introduces Fining Scheme for All Prohibited Drugs

Police will soon be able to fine a person on two separate occasions for drug possession, rather than send them to court.

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“A Kick in the Guts”: Higginson on Minn’s “Retrograde” Crackdown on Youth Crime

The New South Wales government’s new tough-on-youth-crime package is short sighted and likely to do more harm than good.

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Court’s Tripling of Climate Defending Duo’s Prison Sentence Is a Sign of Things to Come

The appeal court’s decision to increase the prison sentences handed m-down to non-violent protesters should be concerning to all who believe in democratic rights.

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Howard’s Duping the Public on Iraq Should Stand as Warning to the Present

The latest release of cabinet papers from 2003 confirms our nation joined the illegal invasion of Iraq based on blatant lies.

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The Horrors of Gaza Soar, as the US-Backed Israeli Genocide Continues Six Months On

Israel has become emboldened by the West’s complicity in the genocide.

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Gomeroi Victory Over Santos: An Interview With Gomeroi Elder Aunty Maria “Polly” Cutmore

The Federal Court ruled that the decision to approve the Santos Narrabri gas project on traditional lands does not comply with the law.

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Law, Defences and Penalties for Speed Racing, Drag Racing and Burnouts in NSW

A young man is facing a string of driving charges after allegedly losing control of his car and hitting two people while doing a burnout on the Mid-North Coast.

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What are the Rules for Strip Searches in New South Wales?

A summary of the rules for when, how and by whom a person can be strip searched in our state.

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