Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 24 to 30 July 2023

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

UK Proposes Legal Defence for Domestic Violence Victims Who Harm or Kill Their Partners

The defence would reduce the criminal culpability of domestic violence victims who ‘snap’ in response to sustained abuse.

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Does Tailgating Amount to a Traffic Offence?

It may be frustrating to be stuck behind a slow driver, but tailgating can lead to a fine and incur demerit points.

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A Summary of the New South Wales Police Use of Force Manual

The NSW police watchdog has released the document officers are meant to comply with when considering the use of force.

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Ending Native Forest Logging Is Within Reach: Bob Brown Foundation’s Jenny Weber on the National Campaign

There’s growing support to help protect our environment by putting an end to the logging of native forests.

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The Offence of Using a Carriage Service to Procure a Child Under 16 for Sexual Activity

A high school deputy principal is behind bars for repeatedly sexting someone he thought was a 14-year old girl.

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Dutton at the Helm Would Only Hasten the AUKUS Dive Into Broadened US Control

While it’s disappointing Albanese has been cosying up to the US, the situation would likely be worse under Dutton.

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NSW Police Propose ‘Domestic Violence Diary’ App for Complainants to Record and Log Abuse

There are concerns about the effectiveness and legality of an app that would enable complainants to record and log alleged abuse.

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Mounting Political Prosecutions Indicate Authoritarian Creep Continues Under Albanese

Labor promised to protect whistleblowers but continues to prosecute those brave enough to speak out against crime and corruption.

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The Criminal Offence of Sexual Touching Without Consent

The partner of former prime minister Julia Gillard has pleaded guilty to sexual touching without consent.

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For the First Time, an Indigenous Woman Has Been Appointed as an Australian Supreme Court Judge

Judge Louise Taylor’s appointment makes her the first Indigenous woman to preside over a Supreme Court in our nation.

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The Law Enforcement Problem for First Nation’s People in NSW Escalated When Organised Policing Started

First Nation’s people have experienced endemic racism at the hands of NSW police since the organisation’s inception in 1825.

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Fraud Enabled by MyGov ‘Security Gap’ Costs Australian Taxpayers $500 Million

Our federal government has once again won first prize for incompetence in technology and data protection.

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Community Correction Orders: Diverting Offenders Away from the Criminal Justice System

The former ‘first bloke’ of Australia is being assessed for a diversionary program after pleading guilty to a sexual offence.

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I’m Going to Court for a Criminal Offence. Will I Go to Prison?

It’s one of the more common questions asked by those who are facing criminal charges.

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