Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 3 to 9 July 2023

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

New Criminal Offences Relating to Possessing or Using Knives in NSW

Offences relating to possessing or using knives in public places are now contained in the Crimes Act, and the penalties have been doubled.

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Your Guide to New South Wales Cannabis Laws

The plant’s cultivation, supply, importation and even possession continue to be heavily regulated in our state.

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Expired Apprehended Violence Orders Cannot Be Revoked, Supreme Court Rules

The court found that amendments in 2016 prevent an AVO from being revoked after it has expired.

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Criminal Offences Related to Paying for Sexual Services in New South Wales

Criminal offences continue to apply in certain situation where payment is made for sexual services.

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Albanese Ought to Recognise the State of Palestine, as Wong Put It Firmly on the Agenda

There are calls for Labor to recognise the State of Palestine, as the party foreshadowed it would do if elected to government.

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Government’s Payment of $3 Million to Brittany Higgins Referred to Corruption Watchdog

The payment to a complainant before the case had even been heard has been referred to the National Anti-Corruption Commission.

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Police Officer Who Fatally Tasered 95-Year Old Excused From Attending Court

The magistrate expressed “absolute disgust” that prosecutors allowed the officer, who is suspended on full pay with no bail conditions, to appear on a screen rather than in person.

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Is It A Crime To Access or Possess an Intimate Images Without Consent in NSW?

The AFL is investigating the distribution of nude photos and videos of at least 45 past and present players.

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Proposed Amendments to NSW Anti-Discrimination Act Will Fuel Transphobic Hate

The Minns government is seeking to placate religious voters by inserting amendments that are likely to intensify anti-trans hate in our state.

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Proposed New Laws Would Make It Legal to Possess and Grow Cannabis at Home

The Legalise Cannabis Party propose to make the home cultivation and possession of cannabis legal in the three states it holds office.

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Canadian Court Rules That a ‘Thumbs Up’ Emoji Can Validate a Contract

“This court readily acknowledges that a thumbs up emoji is… a valid… ‘signature’.

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Ben & Jerry’s Founder Arrested for Protesting the Prosecution of Julian Assange

“It’s outrageous… Julian Assange is nonviolent. He is presumed innocent. And yet somehow or other, he has been imprisoned in solitary confinement for four years. That is torture….”.

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In What Circumstances Can a Judge Direct a Jury to Acquit the Defendant?

The judge presiding over the trial of a police officer charged with assault directed the jury they had to acquit.

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Will New Federal Laws Protect Us From Disinformation or Serve to Silence Political Dissent?

There are concerns the effect of proposed new laws will be to silence those who disagree with the government on social and political issues.

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