Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 26 June to 2 July 2023

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Is Receiving Oral Sex Whilst Driving A Crime?

An Australian porn performer revealed she was involved in a car crash whilst performing fellatio on her driver.

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Australia Continues to Detain and Brutalise Children, Despite Royal Commission

“[W]here secure settings are needed, they… [need to be] places of love… [and be] rehabilitative, restorative and transformational”.

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“It’s a Whole Systems Change That We Need”, Asserts Blockade Australia’s Zelda Grimshaw

The group vows to continue pushing for systemic change through nonviolent protest, despite the ‘insane police overreach’.

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Police Recommend Criminal Charges Against William Tyrell’s Foster Mother

Police believe Wiliam Tyrell’s foster mother should be charged with perverting the course of justice and interfering with a corpse.

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Criminal Offences Relating to Drug Precursors

The possession, supply and importation of chemicals required to manufacture illegal drugs are strictly regulated in Australia.

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Criminal Offences Relating to Money Laundering in Australia

A Sydney woman has been sent to prison for acting as an ‘auntie’ in a Vietnamese organised crime network.

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Gladys Berejiklian ‘Engaged in Serious Corrupt Conduct’, But Won’t Be Criminally Prosecuted

The state’s corruption watchdog found the former premier had engaged in corruption, but says no criminal charges will be brought.

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William Tyrell’s Disappearance: What Are the Proposed New Charges and Will the DPP Prosecute?

Police recommended that fresh charges be brought against the toddler’s foster mother.

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ASIC Slams Insurance Industry, But What Will Be Done About It?

The insurance industry is rife with unjustifiably inflated premiums, systemic mismanagement and potentially criminal misconduct.

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Citizen Tortured by Australia at Behest of US, Over Offence That Isn’t a Crime Over Here

Australian Daniel Duggan has been held in extreme isolation at Lithgow gaol for 230 days over allegations that don’t amount to a crime here.

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PNG Public Service Raises Fears Over Marape Ceding Sovereignty to the US

A member of PNG’s Ministry of Foreign affairs contacted us to express concerns about the nation handing over of its sovereignty to the US.

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Is it a Criminal Offence to Import Ozempic Without A Prescription?

With local supply at an all-time low, many are looking overseas to import the increasingly popular the diabetes drug turned fat loss medication.

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Can a Person Be Charged with a Criminal Offence That Has Since Been Repealed?

Chris Dawson has been convicted of having carnal knowledge of his ‘teacher’s pet’.

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Albanese Abolishes Cashless Welfare, Then Rebrands and Relaunches It With Plans to Expand

The PM has backflipped on his pre-election promise to abolish cashless welfare.

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NSW Police Officer Found Guilty of Aggravated Sexual Assault of Teenager

The officer was found to have used his police vehicle during his multiple sexual encounters with the teenage girl.

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Suspicious Amendment of Criminal Law Judgement Results In Successful Appeal

The case has raised concerns the judge’s error was subsequently covered up.

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