Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 10 to 16 July 2023

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Criminal Offences Related To Unlawful Gambling in NSW

An outline of the laws, defences and penalties that apply to unlawful gambling in New South Wales.

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How is Forensic Chemistry Used in Criminal Law?

Ensuring your criminal defence lawyer knows when a forensic chemist is required can mean the difference between a conviction and an acquittal.

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Welfare Not Warfare: NUS Education Officer Xavier Dupé on Students Rejecting Militarisation Over Society

The national students’ union is campaigning against the government prioritising war over social wellbeing.

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Wong Dashes Last Hopes of Her Government Saving Assange, as US Continues Pursuit

The foreign minister claims her government has done all it can to push for Assange’s release.

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UK Court Rules Suicide of Domestic Violence Victim an ‘Unlawful Killing’

A UK Coroner’s Court classified the suicide of a woman who experienced domestic violence as an ‘unlawful killing’.

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Continued Legal Hotel Detention Confirms Australia a Human Rights Abuser in Law

The court found that the federal government is empowered to commit systematic human rights abuses.

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Ben Roberts-Smith Appeals Being Branded a War Criminal

Australia’s most decorated living soldier has appealed against the finding he murdered civilians in Afghanistan.

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NSW Should Regulate Adult Cannabis Use Immediately, Then Enact a Legalised Market

Proposals currently before parliament would, if approved, legalise the plant’s possession and regulate its sale and supply.

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A Complete Clusterfuck: Illegal Munitions, North Atlantic Expansion and Vassal States

The US is supplying Ukraine with “illegal cluster bombs”, despite its condemnation of Russia over the impact of the weapons on civilians.

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The Law, Defences and Penalties for Robbery While Armed with a Dangerous Weapon in NSW

A 41-year old man has been charged over a spate of armed robberies in northern New South Wales.

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Domestic Violence Blitz Raises Questions Regarding Lawfulness of Arrests

The arrest of nearly 600 people over 4 days has once again put taxpayers at risk of paying for the misconduct of overzealous police officers.

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