Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 19 to 25 June 2023

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Should Politicians Be Permitted to Accuse Others of Crimes With Impunity Under Parliamentary Privilege?

A senator used the protection of parliamentary privilege to accuse another senator of sexual assault.

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Legal Aid NSW Scores Two Significant Legal Victories in the High Court of Australia

The Court agreed that state appeal provisions apply to Commonwealth offences and that a person cannot be guilty of break and enter if still on a tenancy agreement.

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As Christian Thugs Rally in Newtown Yet Again, Leong Assures That Diversity Will Prevail

“Transphobia and queerphobia… have no place in our community – and we must challenge any movement that preaches such discrimination”.

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Senator Asks International Criminal Court to Investigate Australian Commanders Over War Crimes

Jacquie Lambie told parliament soldiers have been ‘thrown under the bus’ while top brass are being given a ‘free pass’.

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The Offence of Climbing on or Jumping From a Building in New South Wales

Jumping off ledges, climbing up buildings or running along rails can amount to a crime in New South Wales.

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Thorpe on Albanese’s “White Man’s Burden” Voice to Parliament

The Voice is the latest way of talking big while doing little when it comes to First Nations people determining their own futures.

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Attorney General Enacts “Bare Minimum” Protections for Public Sector Whistleblowers

The new laws represent “the bare minimum when it comes to protecting and empowering whistleblowers”.

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Notorious Misogynist Charged with Sexual Assault and Human Trafficking

Romanian authorities allege Andrew Tate was part of a criminal group that engaged in the trafficking and sexual assault of women.

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Police Officers Will Not Be Charged Over the ‘Lawyer X’ Scandal

A jury will not have the opportunity to decide whether the “reprehensible” conduct of police amounted to perverting the course of justice.

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The Rules for Opening and Operating a Sex on Premises Venue in NSW

Thinking of opening a gay sauna or swingers’ club? Here’s a rundown of the rules.

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Once a World Leader in Transgender Law, NSW Now Sadly Lags Behind All Other States

NSW is now the only jurisdiction that requires those who wish to register as transgender to undergo reassignment surgery.

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What Is Parliamentary Privilege in Australia?

Allegations made in parliament of sexual misconduct have triggered debate about whether parliamentary privilege is being misused.

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Is It Illegal To Show An R 18+ Movie to a Minor?

Showing restricted programs to minors can carry heavy penalties in New South Wales

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