Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 24 to 30 May 2021

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

When Can Police Use a Taser in New South Wales?

A 27-year old man has died after being tasered by NSW police.

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NSW Barrister Reprimanded for Sexually Harassing Junior Solicitor

The barrister said he placed his arms on the woman’s shoulders and kissed her on the head to comfort her.

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Upgrade and New Magistrates for Downing Centre Court

It is hoped the $10.6 million upgrade and 4 new magistrates will help ensure timely justice.

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Drop the Charges Against David McBride, Recommends Senate Press Freedoms Inquiry

The inquiry recommended the DPP “urgently reconsider” prosecuting the former military lawyer who exposed alleged war crimes in Afghanistan.

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Can I Use My Phone’s Bluetooth or Satellite Navigation While Driving in NSW?

A young single mother found out the hard way that not knowing the road rules is not an excuse.

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The Bombing of Gaza Has Ended for Now, But the Oppression of Palestinians Continues

“Stop the evictions. Stop the demolitions. Stop the bombing. And end the occupation. Justice for Palestine.”

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A Warning Against Another Morrison Government: An Interview With Bruce Haigh

Freedoms and legal safeguards will be further eroded if the federal Coalition is re-elected.

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Should “Affirmative Consent” Be Required Before Sexual Activity?

The Bar Association President explains that requiring affirmative consent “would potentially criminalise many consensual sexual relations”.

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Rallying Against COVID Passports: An Interview With No Health Passport’s Ben Lay

COVID passports are a mechanism of social control that can “deepen inequities and promote differential freedom of movement”.

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As the Cry Against War With China Rises, the Uyghur Crisis Should Not Be Downplayed

While Western nations talk tough on China, little mention is made of the horrendous human rights abuses against over a million Uyghurs.

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The Offence of Tampering With Evidence in New South Wales

An officer has been suspended on full pay after being found guilty of assaulting and unlawfully arresting a woman, then engaging in a “deliberate act… to mislead a judicial tribunal.”

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Questionable Jurisdiction: Academic Amanda Porter on Policing First Nations

The finding that terra nullius was a legal falsehood undermines the legal basis for British-imposed policing systems.

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Driving While Using iPads, iPods, TVs, CBs, Sat Navs and Phones in NSW: What Does the Law Say?

An outline of the rules when it comes to using various devices while driving in New South Wales.

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Federal Government Moves to Silence Protest By Cracking Down on Charities

The laws would mean charities and not-for-profits will face deregistration for protesting.

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