Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 27 May to 2 June 2019

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Torres Strait Takes Australia to UN Over Climate Inaction: An Interview With 350’s Glen Klatovsky

Torres Strait Islander communities affected by rising sea levels have filed a complaint over Australia’s inaction on climate change.

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The Law and Penalties for Aggravated Sexual Assault in New South Wales

A man who ‘liked seeing fear in girls’ has been sentenced to a minimum of 28 years behind bars for a six-week rampage of sexual assaults in Sydney.

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The Offence of Manslaughter in New South Wales

A man was sentenced to 14 years in prison after bashing a disabled man to death.

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Drug Driving Charges and the Defence of Honest and Reasonable Mistake

A case against a driver was dismissed after the magistrate accepted that her positive reading for THC was the result of second-hand cannabis smoke.

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Homeless Lives Matter: Governments Must Focus on Charity at Home

Governments need to get their priorities right when it comes to expenditure and tax breaks for the wealthy.

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The Adani Mine: Morrison, Albanese and the Growing Rebellion

Climate change was an important issue for voters in the lead-up to the recent election, but calls for action have fallen on deaf ears with our major parties.

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Mother Imprisoned for Giving Her Kids Sleeping Tablets

A mother who gave her four children chocolate milk containing ground sleeping tablets has been sentenced to imprisonment.

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Do I Have to Give My Fingerprints if Directed by My Employer?

An employee made a claim for unfair dismissal after being terminated for not providing his employer with his fingerprints.

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“We Must Speak Out”: Lawyers Are Obliged to Speak Out About Human Rights

Lawyers are in a unique position to inform the public about laws which remove legal freedoms and safeguards, and should in fact do so – even if it means criticising the politicians who pass them.

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Prisons Should Focus on Treatment Rather than Punishment

A study has found that screening new inmates for brain injuries and treating their conditions can reduce the likelihood of future offending.

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Continuing Detention Orders in New South Wales

An application has been made to keep a serial child sex offender behind bars beyond the length of his full sentence.

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Keeping Religion Out of Politics: An Interview With the National Secular Lobby’s Peter Monk

The National Secular Lobby is pushing for a stronger voice for those that advocate for secularism.

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#MeToo Founder Sued for Defamation

The woman behind the #MeToo movement in France has been sued by the man she accused of making sexually inappropriate comments towards her.

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Drug Dogs Are No Deterrent & Increase the Harm: An Interview With RMIT’s Dr Peta Malins

A recent study found that the presence of sniffer dogs is “no deterrent at all”, and can lead to dangerous drug-taking behaviour such as pre-loading and loading up.

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Strip Searches: State-Perpetrated Sexual Acts

Police who illegally carry out strip searches may be guilty of the crime of sexual act or sexual touching.

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Passive Smoking Defence Exposes Flawed Drug Driving Regime

The court dismissed a drug driving charge on the basis that the THC in the driver’s system was derived from second-hand cannabis smoke.

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