Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 5 to 11 August 2019

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

The Offence of Sexual Assault in New South Wales

A Sydney doctor has been sentenced to a minimum of 11 years in prison after being found guilty of sexually assaulting his patients.

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PM Promises to Criminalise Wage Theft

Our Prime Minister says “the Attorney-General is drafting laws to deal with criminalising worker exploitation.”

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The Rules for Changing a Plea from Guilty to Not Guilty

The Supreme Court of NSW found that a magistrate was wrong to refuse to consider an application to change a defendant’s plea from guilty to not guilty.

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Transformation Through Telling: An Interview Ngikalikarra Media’s Alexander Hayes

Giving victims of sexual abuse the opportunity to speak out is an important part of the healing process.

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High Court Challenge Launched Against NSW Police Powers

A challenge has been launched against NSW legislation which enables police to restrict the movements and associations of individuals, even if they haven’t been charged with, let alone convicted of, a criminal offence.

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Investigation Into Alleged War Crimes by Australian Soldiers Commences

Investigators are interviewing witnesses regarding war crimes allegedly committed by Australian soldiers in Afghanistan.

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Union-Busting Legislation Passes Lower House

The government may soon decide who is permitted to represent workers, rather than workers deciding for themselves.

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Public Sector Workers Can Be Sacked for Political Posts

The High Court has ruled that freedom of political communication does not extend to posts by public sector employees that are critical of the government.

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The Ihumātao Occupation: In Protection of Māori Land

Police numbers have increased at the Ihumātao occupation in southern Auckland, where Māori protectors are calling for the return of their sacred land.

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“The Best Form of Welfare is a Job”: PM Refuses to Raise Welfare Payments

The government doesn’t “want to give unemployed people enough to eat”, but to ensure the “pool of desperate jobseekers” makes it “extremely difficult for workers to negotiate”.

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Saving the Rivers from Corporates: An Interview With Water Activist Bruce Shillingsworth

A campaign has been launched to halt the decimation of NSW river systems.

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Occupy Sydney on the Extinction Rebellion: The Lessons Learnt

The movements draw attention to the fact that “government legislates in favour of industry and corporations, rather than people”, and seek to bring about “consensus decision-making” in the interests of broader society.

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People, Not Just Numbers. Missing Persons’ Week

If your loved-one goes missing in Australia, you don’t have to wait before reporting it to police. The faster you act, the greater the chance of finding them.

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Government’s Union-Busting Laws Will Cement Wage Stagnation

The laws would further suppress the ability of workers to fight for their rights, and make it easier for big business to exploit them.

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