Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 8 to 14 April 2024

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Strong Political Resolve on Display at the Six Month Gadigal/Sydney Gaza Genocide Protest: In Photos

We were on the ground for the rally that marked six months of protests against the genocide still taking place on Palestinian lands.

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Categories of Practising Law in New South Wales: The Legal Practice Matrix

The Matrix sets out the rules that apply to holders of different practising certificates, as well as law graduates, Australian registered foreign lawyers and retired lawyers.

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Civil Society Demands NSW Government Revoke Authoritarian Antiprotest Regime

A group led by the NSW Council for Civil Liberties is calling on the state government to revoke the draconian anti-protest regime introduced two years ago.

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Todd McKenzie Inquest Leads NSW Coroner to Join Calls for Mental Health Policing Reform

There is a desperate need for police to have better training for when they confront those experiencing mental health episodes.

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Questions Need Answering on Pine Gap and Gaza: Interview With Professor Richard Tanter

The killing of an Australian aid worker has escalated concerns about Pine Gap being used to enable the genocide in Gaza.

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Law, Penalties and Defences for Assaulting Frontline Emergency and Health Workers in NSW

A man is facing court over allegations he sexually touched and intimidated a female paramedic who was trying to assist him.

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NSW Government Targets First Nations Youth Through Toughened Bail Regime

“[T]he Minns government announced its intention to toughen bail laws in a targeted response to incriminate Aboriginal youth”.

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Selling Nicotine Vapes Without a Prescription is an Offence in New South Wales

It’s not hard to find stores that sell nicotine vapes in NSW, but selling these without prescription is an offence in our state.

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Federal Court Dismisses Case Against Qatar Airways Over Strip-Searches

The judge found that proceedings brought by five Australian women strip-searched at Doha airport did not meet legal requirements.

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Prosecuting the Global North Over Gaza Continues, as Germany Faces Genocide Complicity

History will judge nations such as ours who are complicit in the Gaza genocide.

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Certain Other Attempts to Murder

Our video about the offence of attempting to murder by poison or another act.

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Federal Government Placates Religious Zealots to the Detriment of LGBTQ Students

Our PM is re-launching the divisive religious discrimination debate in an attempt to win over the Christian right.

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