Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 1 to 7 April 2024

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

The Killing Won’t Stop, and Nor Will the Movement: Free Palestine Sydney 25 Weeks On

Yesterday marked the 25th week in a row Sydney’s pro-Palestinians gathered to call for an end to the massacres in Gaza.

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Government’s Digital ID Scheme: Greater State Control and a Haven for Hackers

The federal government’s new digital ID scheme is sure to be misused by authorities and represent an oasis for cyber-criminals.

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As Cleveland Dodd’s Custody Death Goes to Inquiry, Kids Are Still Held in an Adult Prison

The inquest into the death of a youth found unresponsive in his cell commences this week, with the family hoping for answers and justice.

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Sentencing in NSW: The Three Stage Process When Considering Imprisonment

The appeal court confirmed a three-step process must occur before a person can be sent to prison.

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The Digital ID Is Coming, But Questions Remain as to Its Future Applications

The government claims the new Digital ID laws are needed, but if recent history is anything to go by the latest intrusion into civil liberties is concerning.

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Pine Gap, Our Nation’s Hideous, Grievous and Complicit Gaza Secret, Exposed

Many Australians are shocked by our government’s response to the Gaza genocide, but our involvement in the atrocity via Pine Gap remains seldom discussed.

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NSW Police Officers Raid Pro-Palestinian Man Over Misunderstood Tweet

Around 20 heavily armed officers raided the man’s home over a social media post criticising the genocide in Gaza.

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Premier Minns, Queensland Is Rolling Out Pill Testing to Save Lives. Why Isn’t NSW?

Queensland is the latest jurisdiction to introduce life-saving pill testing, while our state continues to put young lives at risk.

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Corrective Services Is Failing Us All: An Interview with Jailing Truths Exposed’s Joanna Scriven

The prisoner rights advocacy group is calling for better training of guards and greater emphasis on inmate support and rehabilitation.

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Dan Duggan: Another Australian Citizen the US Is Questionably Seeking to Extradite

The Australian father-of-six imprisoned for nearly 18 months without charge on the behest of the United States will face an extradition hearing next month.

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