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Offensive Language / Conduct

Road Rage: Prevalence, Causes, Consequences and Potential Criminal Offences

This article will discuss what causes road rage particularly the psychological and psychiatric aspects followed by contributing factors to this violent and potentially murderous phenomenon.  From there we shall refer to the prevalence of road rage citing predominantly such events...

Taking The Piss: Is Urinating in a Public Place a Crime in New South Wales?

At around 9.20pm on Saturday 16 July 2022, a 31-year old man allegedly climbed to the rooftop of a packed Sydney Cricket Ground during a Wallabies test match and appeared to relieve himself . Shortly thereafter, police arrested the man...

Thugs in Blue Uniform: NSW Police Assault Beloved Sydney Identity

He’s beloved around the Sydney CBD for his cheeky but peaceful protests, but Danny Lim is now in a “poor state” in hospital after sustaining injuries during a horrific and violent arrest by New South Wales police officers.  78-year old...

Parramatta Police Crack Down on ‘Anti Social Behaviour’

A police blitz targeting ‘antisocial behaviour’ in the Parramatta region over the weekend has resulted in seven people being charged with criminal offences and 26 being handed criminal infringement notices. Police from Parramatta Area Command, North West Metropolitan Region Operations...

Time to Repeal the Crime of Offensive Language

Members of the group these days known as Community Action for Rainbow Rights (CARR) staged a rally at Sydney’s Belmore Park in September 2015. The purpose of the action was to counter an anti-same sex marriage protest being held by...

Can Farting in the Workplace Amount to Bullying?

Sonia Hickey and Ugur Nedim An employee who claims he was bullied by a flatulating fellow worker has vowed to take his former employer to the High Court of Australia. The story so far Melbourne engineer, David Hingst, claimed $1.8...

Danny Lim to Challenge NSW Police After Brutality Incident

Iconic Sydney protester Danny Lim has been brightening the lives of city commuters for years now with his sandwich board signs emblazoned with colourful political messages designed to make a point as well as produce a smile from the passersby....

What is the Law on Offensive Language in NSW?

Earlier this month, a jury in the state of Michigan acquitted a man of violating a noise ordinance after he allegedly blasted the NWA song ‘Fuck tha Police’ when pulled over by a Sheriff’s Deputy in front of a petrol...

Man Sacked for Wearing ‘Willy Warmer’ in the Workplace

A 33-year old pallet repairer in the United Kingdom who paraded through his workplace wearing an “elephant thong willy warmer”, a high visibility vest and boots has been dismissed for ‘gross misconduct’. Shaun Haggerty from Merseyside in England walked through...

Tough New Laws Against Hate Speech

by &
The NSW government is proposing to introduce new laws designed to crack down on hate speech and racial vilification that are intended to incite violence. Under the proposed new laws, those who incite or threaten violence against others on the...
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