Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 10 to 16 December 2018

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

More Music Festival Overdoses, But Still No Pill Testing

A 19-year old man is dead and three other young adults are in a critical condition as a result of suspected drug overdoses at a Sydney music festival.

But Gladys Berejiklian still thinks more police and heavier penalties are the way to save lives.

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Can NSW Police Demand Phone and Computer Passwords?

A recent US case where a man was directed to unlock his iPhone using facial recognition technology has triggered debate about whether police can force individuals to provide access to their devices.

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Arguments Over Games Escalate to Physical Violence

Rugby League star Dylan Walker and gamer MrDeathMoth are each facing assault charges arising from altercations over video games.

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Sentence Reduced Due to Multiple Errors by Judge

The judge made a range of mistakes including applying the wrong maximum penalty and misunderstanding the co-offender’s sentence.

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NSW Police Want the Unappealable Right to Shut Down Music Festivals

The NSW Police Force is demanding the power to terminate music festivals – no questions asked and without a right of appeal.

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Is Polygamy a Crime in Australia?

The law regarding whether it is legal to have more than one spouse at a time.

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Berejiklian’s Answer to Falling Crime: Intensify Policing and Fill Prisons

The Premier feels it’s necessary to spend an increasing amount of taxpayer funds on policing and prisons, despite NSW crime rates being at their lowest in 40 years.

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Drug Charge Against Ray Hadley’s Son Dismissed Due to Mental Health

The former police officer had his drug possession charge dismissed due to mental health.

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People Power in Paris: Government Backs Down Over Tax Hikes

The Yellow Vest movement has seen the French government back down on planned fuel tax hikes and agree to increase minimum wages.

Meanwhile, our federal and state governments continue to expand the offences that apply to protesting, actively investigate and prosecute acts of dissent and enhance the power of law enforcement agents to monitor and control the population.

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Pensioner Imprisoned for Ongoing Drug Supply

A man in his late 60s who suffers from a range of serious medical problems has been sentenced to a minimum term of three-and-a-half years behind bars.

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Another NRL Star Accused of Sexual Assault

NRL star Jack de Belin has been charged with sexually assaulting a 19-year old woman in circumstances of aggravation.

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Criminal Lawyers Appointed as Local Court Magistrates

The five newest local court magistrates comprise a criminal defence barrister, three criminal law solicitors and a former coroner.

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Land Rights vs Native Title in NSW: An Interview With Professor Heidi Norman

How the increasing overlap between land rights and native title could lead to intra-communal conflict.

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Government Limits Power of Courts to Impose Alternatives to Imprisonment

Prison is meant to be the last resort, but new rules further reduce the power of courts to impose alternatives.

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Sex and Gender Diverse Suicide Prevention: An Interview With SAGE’s Dr Tracie O’Keefe

Life Over Suicide is where sex and gender diverse people share positive stories of choosing to live in seemingly hopeless situation.

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The Use of Solitary Confinement on Kids Must Be Banned

The revelation that children were being held for long period of time in solitary confinement at Don Dale detention centre has led to calls for the practise to be prohibited.

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