Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 29 October to 4 November 2018

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

What are Standard Non-Parole Periods in New South Wales?

An ‘SNPP’ is a reference point for the sentencing judge when deciding how long a person should spend in prison before being eligible to apply for release on parole.

Here are the SNPPs for criminal offences in NSW.

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Sydney Police Officer Charged with Child Sexual Assault

A police officer whose job was to warn school kids about online predators has been charged with multiple counts of child sexual abuse.

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Sydney Police Officer Accused of ‘Vile, Cowardly and Intolerable’ Conduct

The officer has been charged after allegedly making threats involving an 11-year old girl.

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Defies Logic: Premier Will Intensify the War Against Drugs to Make People Safer

Gladys Berejiklian claims that more police and new drug offences will make festival-goers safer.

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Truck Driver under Police Investigation over Racist Video

Police are investigating whether a truck driver’s act of posting a racist video to social media amounts to a crime.

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Sydney Offices and Home of Criminal Lawyer Raided by Police

Homicide detectives have raided the offices and home of a criminal defence lawyer in Sydney in relation to last years’s killing of a teenager.

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Incest Laws in NSW

A NSW District Court Judge found himself in hot water for likening homosexuality to incest.

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Sydney Criminal Lawyer Charged with Accessory to Murder

“[i]t is understood he is one of a number of criminal lawyers… allegedly associated with organising false affidavits… on behalf of key suspects.”

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Diplomatic Immunity is Being Abused Worldwide

The murder of a journalist inside the Saudi embassy in Turkey has triggered debate about the scope of diplomatic immunity.

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Will I Get Parole? Parole Authority Decision-Making in NSW

The State Parole Authority is required to consider a range of factors when deciding whether to conditionally release a person from prison.

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How are High Court Justices Appointed in Australia?

The seven justices of the High Court of Australia are entrusted with some of the nation’s most important cases.

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Sentencing Judge’s Must Act on Evidence, Not Assumptions

The appeals court found there was no evidence for the sentencing judge to assess the level of seriousness of the offence as “above the mid-range”.

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The Influence of the Media on Copycat Crimes

Media coverage can be instrumental in motivating replicated crimes.

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‘Justice Delayed is Justice Denied’: NSW Courts Get a Funding Boost

The extra money will go towards upgrading courthouses, appointing extra judges and employing more Legal Aid lawyers to help clear backlogs and reduce delays.

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Torture is a Crime, but it’s Still Widely Practised

Torture is a tool that continues to be practised by governments and their agents across the globe.

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When Does a Child’s Criminal Record Expire in NSW?

A criminal record received as a child will not usually appear on a criminal record check years later.

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Judge Recognises that Medicinal Cannabis Producers are Not Criminals

The District Court Judge did not record a conviction against a medicinal cannabis producer after recognising the plants were grown for medicinal purposes and supplied to the sick free-of-charge.

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System Protects Police Officer Who Endangered Victim

The case of a police officer who unlawfully leaked the details of a domestic violence victim to his ‘mate’, the woman’s abusive ex-partner, reveals how the system protects police from being punished for their misconduct.

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Angry Anderson’s Son Stabbed to Death

A 20-year old man is expected to face court over the stabbing death of Angry Anderson’s son this morning.

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Noongar Not for Sale: Indigenous Activists Fight Government and Mining Interests

The government passed new laws to reverse a court decision which blocked big business from mining native lands, but Indigenous activists are fighting for their rights.

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