Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 26 November to 2 December 2018

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Teacher Pleads Guilty to Persistent Sexual Abuse of Student

The court heard the teacher exploited her teenage student’s ‘caring nature’, ‘stole his innocence’ and left him ‘ashamed and used’.

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Sydney Man Sentenced to Death in Iraq

The condemned man is adamant he is innocent and is asking the Australian government for assistance.

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Taxpayers Foot the Bill for Police Misconduct

Taxpayers across Australia pay millions of dollars every year for legal fees and compensation arising from police misconduct.

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Removing Criminal Sanctions for Drug Use: An Interview With Australia21’s Dr Alex Wodak

“We call on Australia’s… governments to treat drug use primarily as a health and social issue and to remove criminal sanctions for personal use and possession”.

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Penalties Increase for Illegal Mobile Phone Use

Police are urging motorists to refrain from engaging in risky driving habits after a month’s worth of rain fell in just a few hours this morning.

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Countering Street Harassment: An Interview with Sexism in the City Guest Dr Bianca Fileborn

Sexual harassment is rife across Australia. But while some acts can amount to criminal offences, much of the conduct is ignored and goes unpunished.

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Lawyer Struck Off for Breaching Client Confidentiality

A lawyer was struck off for professional misconduct after complaining about a client.

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Warning! Providing Your DNA to Ancestry Sites Could Make You a Suspect

Australians are being warned that private companies like Ancestry. com are allowing third parties to access their DNA databases.

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Should Students be Suspended for Striking?

Students may be disciplined for participating in a Sydney protest today.

They will be calling on politicians to “take our futures seriously and treat climate change for what it is – a crisis”.

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Parking Inspectors Given the Power to Issue Demerit Points

The NSW government has empowered parking inspectors to issue demerit points for certain parking offences.

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Not Guilty on All Charges: An Interview With Medicinal Cannabis Crusader Dr Andrew Katelaris

A jury has found medicinal cannabis advocate Dr Andrew Katelaris not guilty of drug charges, after he was prosecuted for providing life-saving cannabis medicines free-of-charge to patients in need.

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It’s Time to Raise the Age of Criminal Responsibility

Kids as young as ten are being locked-up across Australia, setting them up for a lifetime of crime.

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High Price User-Pays Policing: The New Tactic to Shut Down Music Festivals

“There is no question that the NSWPF, with the strong political support of the Coalition government and premier Berejiklian, are grossly over-policing music festivals”.

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Are the Boys in Blue Really There to Protect You?

Police are not there to ‘serve and protect’ the community, but to preserve the status quo.

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Decriminalise Drug Possession: An Interview With Former AFP Commissioner Mick Palmer

The former Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police is calling for the decriminalisation of drug use and possession, and the introduction of pill testing.

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Uber Driver Guilty of Negligent Driving Causing Death

An Uber driver has been found guilty of negligent driving occasioning death after his passenger exited and was hit by a bus.

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