Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 10 to 16 June 2019

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Towards Torres Strait Autonomy: An Interview With GBK’s Ned David

There are calls for locals to have greater autonomy over their lands.

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Domestic Violence Murders Double in New South Wales

Domestic violence-related murders have doubled in our state over the past year.

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The Crime of Attempted Murder in New South Wales

28-year old George Dean avoided the wrath of “the hanging judge” after being found guilty of administering arsenic and strychnine to his wife.

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Cannabis and Driving: The Unfairness of NSW Drug Driving Laws

THC remains in the system long after the effects have worn off, which can lead to unaffected drivers facing criminal charges.

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Law Firm Boss Ordered to Pay for Sexually Harassing Employee

The principal of a law firm has been ordered to pay damages for sexually harassing his former employed solicitor.

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The Impact of Police Strip Searches on Kids And Sexual Abuse Victims

Police are interfering with an ever-increasing number of innocent people through strip searches, which can be especially traumatic for children and sexual abuse victims.

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Government Reach Is Too Pervasive: An Interview With Electronic Frontiers Australia’s Angus Murray

The recent raids by federal police emphasise the need for the legal protection of human rights in Australia.

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Exposing the Far-Right in Australia: An Interview With the White Rose Society

“We’re currently a nation without any ambition or vision for who we want to be both nationally and internationally. There’s very little policy offering hope or economic equality.”

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Mother of ‘Incest Family’ Granted Bail

The mother of a family accused of committing incest and child sexual assault has been granted bail.

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Silencing Dissent: Government Demonises and Targets Animal Welfare Activists

The federal government has labelled animal welfare activists ‘agri-terrorists’ and is fast-tracking laws that impose prison sentences for those who expose factory farms.

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Welcome to 1984: The Government’s Relentless Assault on Democracy

Australia has become a country where whistleblowers and journalists are targeted for exposing misconduct by the government and its departments.

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Cannabis Legalisation Is Creeping Closer for Canberra

Possessing cannabis is likely to soon be legal in our nation’s capital.

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