Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 11 to 17 January 2021

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

NSW DPP Prosecuting Guidelines Part 3: Charge Negotiations, Vulnerable and Unrepresented Defendants, Judge-Alone Trials, Jury Selection, Retrials, Proceeds of Crime and the Media

An outline of prosecution policies relating to the negotiation of charges, dealing with vulnerable and unrepresented defendants, considering judge-only trials, deciding whether to retry after a hung jury, proceeds of crime matters and the media.

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Federal Government Agency Issues Warning About QR Codes

The Australian Signals Directorate has warned that “Scanning a QR code… could result in your personal contact information being used for marketing or criminal purposes”.

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Assange’s Momentary Reprieve Opens Way for More Torture and US Extradition on Appeal

The UK refused to extradite Assange due to his mental health, but then denied bail and left the journalist to languish in solitary confinement pending an appeal.

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Free David Ridgeway: Footage Captures Police Assaulting Aboriginal Man

Another piece of footage has emerged of NSW police officers assaulting an Indigenous man.

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The Offence of Unauthorised Access to Restricted Data in New South Wales

A Chinese company was found to have ‘scraped’ information from 1.7 million Australian social media accounts.

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Mobilising Against the Invasion: An Interview With FISTT’s Tameeka Tighe

The activist explains that this year’s Invasion Day Rally will seek to draw attention to the “overpolicing of our people, the deaths in custody of our people and the removal of our kids”.

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New South Wales: The Kidnapping Capital of Australia

The Australian Bureau of Statistics reports that 225 out of 534 reported kidnappings occurred in New South Wales.

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Jailing Is Failing: An Interview With the Justice Reform Initiative’s Dr Mindy Sotiri

“The overuse of imprisonment is, without a doubt, one of the greatest failures of our justice system.”

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West Papuan Provisional Government Formed, as Calls to Allow UN Access Increase

The newly formed Provisional Government of West Papua is calling for an end to Indonesian rule.

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Michael McCormick: The Bigot You Have When the Real PM Isn’t Around

Rather than condemn right-wing fanatics whose raid on the US Capital building led to the loss of lives, our acting PM has added local fuel to the fire.

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What are ‘Darknet Markets’?

An Australian man stands accused of running the darknet’s biggest marketplace.

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Why Are Former Long-Term Australian Residents Rioting Inside the Xmas Island Facility?

“People have been pushed to the limit. They are at breaking point over here”.

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My employer wants me to return to the workplace. Can I refuse?

Many are apprehensive about returning to the workplace, but the law makes clear that refusing to do so could have consequences.

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