Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 14 to 20 December 2020

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

No More Drug War Demands Sydney, as Berejiklian Drags Her Feet on Solutions

Yesterday’s rally demanded that the NSW state government discontinue its futile and costly war against drugs.

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The Rules Relating to Commencing and Discontinuing Criminal Prosecutions in NSW

Historical sexual assault charges were dropped against a former Catholic Priest due to insufficient evidence.

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The Offence of Murder in NSW

A 54-year old man was stabbed to death while walking his daughter’s dog.

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NSW Police Officer Criticises the Use of Excessive Force Against Protesters

An officer of the NSW Riot Squad has sent an open letter to the police commissioner criticising the use of “excessive force” against “anti-government” protesters.

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The NSW Local Court Practice Note for Criminal Proceedings Part 3: DV cases, penalty enforcement annulment and the MERIT program

Here are the new procedures for domestic violence cases, the MERIT program and annulling penalty enforcement notices.

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Tony Mokbel’s Drug Conviction Quashed

The Court of Appeal quashed the cocaine importation conviction due to the conduct of Mokbel’s lawyer, police informant Nicola Gobbo.

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What is a Defended Hearing in New South Wales?

Australian actor Craig McLaughlin has had all assault and indecent assault charges against him dismissed after a defended hearing.

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Police Officer Threatens to ‘Belt the F***’ Out of Indigenous Teens

Police brutality continues despite investigations, inquiries and Royal Commissions.

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Toxic Culture Persists Within the NSW Police Force

The officers exchanged messages about whether a woman was “worth the rape charge”, assertions that a woman was “gagging for anything”, and discussions about whether a defendant had been “loaded up” with criminal charges.

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War Powers Should Rest With Parliament: An Interview With Senator Jordon Steele-John

There are calls to shift the power to send troops to war away from the PM and cabinet alone, and enable the decision to be debated in public and decided in parliament.

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No Longer a Taboo: Psychologist Carly Schrever on Judicial Stress and Wellbeing

“Attacks on judges have now become commonplace” and significantly impact on the emotional stress faced by members of the judiciary.

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Drug Law Reform Is Desperately Needed, Yet Berejiklian Refuses to See Reason

“[O]ur current drug policies and laws are not fit for purpose and cause preventable harms and intolerable human rights violations for far too many people.”

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Identify and Disrupt: Dutton to Further Extend Surveillance State Reach

Peter Dutton has introduced yet another bill to further expand the surveillance powers of the state.

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So, This Is Xmas: Refugee Rights Rally at the PM’s Horizon Church

A protest outside Scott Morrison’s church sought to highlight the un-Christian nature of the government’s immigration policies.

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Just Another Day in the Colony: State Violence Towards First Nations Continues

Footage of police violence against Aboriginal youths is becoming the norm.

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