Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 13 to 19 April 2020

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

COVID-19 Highlights the Need for an Australian Bill of Rights

The fact our constitution protects very few rights combined with concerns about current social control measures becoming permanent highlights the need for a bill of rights.

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The Offence of Termination of Pregnancy by an Unqualified Person

Abortion is no longer a crime in New South Wales.

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“Everyone is Fearful”: An Interview With Mantra Refugee Detainee Ismail Hussein

“No one has been tested for coronavirus… Some of the guys are feeling unwell: sneezing, coughing… Everyone is fearful. We’re very nervous.”

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COVID-19 Protest: Fines Issued Despite Drivers Remaining in Cars

Victoria Police issued nearly $43,000 in fines despite protesters physically distancing themselves from one another by remaining in their cars.

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Why Pell Walked: The High Court’s Findings

A summary of the findings in one of the most polarising decisions in Australian legal history.

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The COVID-19 ‘Bonk Ban’: The Rules for Visiting Partners

The rules for visiting partners you’re not living with.

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COVID-19: Is Sweden’s Strategy Sensible?

The nation has refused to lockdown anyone except the elderly and frail, preferring to ‘spike the curve’ so that the population develops immunity, while preserving the economy.

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COVID-19: Over-Enforcement Is Undermining Confidence in the Police Force

The point of the controls is to ensure physical distancing, but police are issuing fines where that objective is being met, and even when the rules are being followed.

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Closures of Parliament Are Unwarranted: An Interview With NSWCCL President Nicholas Cowdery

Former NSW DPP and current NSW Council for Civil Liberties President, Nicholas Cowdery, explains the need for parliamentary oversight in times of crisis.

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These Punishments Aren’t Democratic: An Interview With the RLC’s Samantha Lee

There are calls for the police commissioner to release guidelines regarding the use of COVID-19 powers.

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Federal Government to Introduce Mobile Tracking Technology

The are concerns that once introduced, mobile phone tracing will be used as yet another mechanism of social control.

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Struggling International Students Left in Dire Straits

Our PM has told international students to “go home”. But many “simply can’t go home” as flights aren’t available and “a lot of the countries have incoming travel bans”, not to mention the losses they would incur.

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Westpac Accused of Enabling Child Sexual Offences

“Child sexual assault… happens in the darkest of corners and Westpac had an opportunity to shine a light on it. Instead they showed an unbelievable and inhumane disinterest.”

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“Bloody Reprehensible”: Gerry Georgatos on Perth Rough Sleepers During COVID-19

“[I]f there was a political will to house them, they wouldn’t be homeless.”

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Morrison Insists on Mobile Phone Tracing App Before Controls Can Be Eased

According to Civil Liberties Australia CEO Bill Rowlings, “We have a major battle on our hands over the next year or so, just to return to what was the rights and liberties status quo very recently”.

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