Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 6 to 12 April 2020

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

COVID-19 Social Controls: ‘An Authoritarian Wet Dream In Progress’

There are fears the present ’emergency’ social control measures will ultimately be enacted into permanent legislation and used for purposes other than to protect the public, just like the 2001 ’emergency’ anti-terrorism laws.

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The Offence of Criminal Negligence in New South Wales

The Ruby Princess fiasco has led to a police investigation which could result in charges for criminal negligence.

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The COVID-19 Response Is Undermining the Rule of Law

Parliaments have closed down, courts have ground to a virtual halt, politicians have imposed draconian rules without oversight and passed control over to the police.

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The Law on Observing, Filming and Distributing Intimate Images in NSW

There are concerns that isolation could lead to a rise in image-based offences.

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George Pell Not Guilty, High Court Finds

Mr Pell will walk free after the High Court quashed his convictions for child sexual offences and entered verdicts of acquittal.

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No Worker Left Behind: An Interview With the May 1 Movement’s Robert Car

A car envoy plans to drive across the Harbour Bridge demanding that all workers be covered by the government’s stimulus package.

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Criminal Defence Barrister Withdraws During Trial Due to COVID-19 Concerns

The judge ordered an inexperienced solicitor to proceed with the trial after the barrister withdrew part-way through. The solicitor appealed.

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COVID-19 Powers: Police Need to Use Common Sense When Exercising Their Discretion

The aim of the new police powers is to achieve physical distancing, but the rules themselves and their inconsistent application has led to absurd outcomes.

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Should the Government Rescue Australians Stranded Overseas?

The plight of an Aussie family trapped in the Philippines has led to calls for the government to arrange repatriation flights for the thousands still abroad.

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The Need for Parliamentary Oversight is Greater Than Ever

“We’ve seen the parliaments effectively being shut right at a time when the executive branch of government is massively expanding its reach and powers.”

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Can Police Enter My Residence to Check Compliance With a Public Health Order?

NSW police officers have been entering homes to check whether the occupants are complying with public health orders.

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The Offence of Intentionally Coughing On or Spitting At a Public Official

From today, intentionally coughing on or spitting at a public official to cause fear of COVID-19 comes with a $5,000 on-the-spot fine.

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The Interlinked Crises of COVID and Climate: An Interview with Health Professor Ro McFarlane

“We’ve had three wake-up calls just this year in Australia. And it would be the height of stupidity for us not to really take stock of what these wake-up calls are telling us.”

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A Death Sentence for Inmates: An Interview With Sisters Inside CEO Debbie Kilroy

A COVID-19 outbreak behind bars could have catastrophic consequences.

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Global COVID-19 Developments: Forced Removals, Indefinite Detention

The potential for social control measures to be misused is concerning.

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Police to Use Cameras to Enforce COVID-19 Restrictions

The police commissioner says the new high-definition cameras will be used to catch those who go on holidays.

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Should Pope Francis Have Made Comments After Pell’s Acquittal?

Just hours after the acquittal, Pope Francis declared “I would like to pray today for all those people who suffer unjust sentences…”.

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Will COVID-19 Police Powers Creep Into Permanency, Just Like Terrorism Laws?

There are fears the current social control measures will be enacted into permanent legislation, under the guise of protecting the population from future threats.

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Pandemic Police Powers Should Not Be Used to Silence Dissent

Activists should be permitted to demonstrate if they are observing physical distancing.

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