Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 14 to 20 August 2023

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Thin-Skinned, Heavy-Handed Policing: A Worldwide Trend

Seven officers entered the 16-year old autistic girl’s home and dragged her out screaming for saying ‘you look like my lesbian nanna’.

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Sexual Offences Against Young Persons Under ‘Special Care’ in New South Wales

The twin brother of convicted wife killer Chris Dawson has been accused of having sex with an underage student.

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Drug Driving is an Absolute Liability Offence, District Court Judge Finds

The judge found that the defence of honest and reasonable mistake does not apply drug driving charges.

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Australia’s Callous Deportation System Must End, as Danger Awaits Yet Another Deportee

There are calls to end our nation’s family-destroying practise of deporting long-term residents for minor crimes.

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The Criminal Offence of Breaking and Entering in New South Wales

A man is facing court for allegedly breaking into a shed on a rural property and stealing farm equipment.

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The Commonwealth Offence of Dishonestly Obtaining a Financial Advantage by Deception

A motorcycle club member is accused of being a ringleader in a GST fraud that has cost Australian taxpayers $1.6 billion.

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The Law, Penalties and Defences for Making Bestiality Pornography in NSW

A Queensland couple is alleged to have filmed engaging in sexual acts with two dogs over a 12-month period.

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The Sinister Side of AI: Scams, Sabotage and Sexualisation

AI is being used to defraud individuals, damage businesses and produce child pornography.

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Brian Houston Found Not Guilty of Concealing Child Sexual Abuse

The founder of Hillsong Church has been cleared of accusations he covered-up child sex offences committed by his father.

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Major Parties are In Cahoots in Terms of the Surveillance State and Warmongering

There has been no “substantive change” from the Coalition to Labor when it comes to the surveillance of citizens and increased militarisation.

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Officer Pulls Firearm on Activist: Disrupt Burrup Hub’s Jesse Noakes on Escalating Police Response

The pulling of a firearm on a climate defender exemplifies the escalation in police targeting of nonviolent protesters.

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Third Parties Cannot Appeal Decisions Relating to Subpoenas in Criminal Cases

The defence issued a subpoena to police. The Police Commissioner applied to have it set aside. The Court told the Commissioner to bugger off.

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David Hicks-Style Plea Deal Could Be the Lifeline that Julian Assange Needs

The US ambassador to Australia has suggested an arrangement whereby the award-winning truth-teller could finally be brought home.

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Your Guide to New South Wales Cocaine Laws

A summary of laws relating to possessing, supplying, manufacturing, importing and driving with cocaine in the system.

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Is Being of ‘Good Behaviour’ an Implied Condition of Bail in NSW?

It is often assumed that committing an offence on bail is a crime in itself, but that’s not necessarily so.

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