Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 31 July to 6 August 2023

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Criminal Offences Relating to Female Genital Mutilation in NSW

A person may be found guilty for arranging or performing the procedure, including where the female consents and there is no lasting injury.

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Are Bongs Legal In New South Wales?

Waterpipes or ‘bongs’ are displayed and sold in tobacconists across the state: here’s what the law says about their possession, display and sale.

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United States Strips Military Commanders of Prosecutorial Powers

Australia can learn from the US decision to transfer power to independent prosecutors and thereby ensure the military is not left to police itself.

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NSW Magistrate Releases Guidance on Pre- and Post-Release Bail Conditions

The deputy chief magistrate has provided helpful guidance regarding the way bail conditions should be administered.

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Rideshare Drivers – Unfairly Demonised by the Mainstream Media

Mainstream media reporters are quick to accuse and destroy lives, often ignoring evidence of innocence and subsequent acquittals.

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You Touched Me – That’s Assault! Does All Unauthorised Touching Amount to an Assault?

Touching another person without their consent can amount to an assault, but there are exceptions to the rule.

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United States Vows to Prosecute Julian Assange All the Way to Trial

The US Secretary of State told a Brisbane audience Assange will prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

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I’m Going to Court: How Can I Find the Best Criminal Lawyer for My Case?

Choosing the right defence lawyer for your case can make all the difference when it comes to the end result.

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Misplaced and Inappropriate – Magistrate Roger Prowse Slammed by Supreme Court (again)

Former NSW Magistrate David Heilpern provides his insights into a recent case whereby the Supreme Court was highly critical of a current magistrate.

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Should Uniform Affirmative Consent Laws Be Enacted Across Australia?

Victoria has joined NSW and ACT in passing laws that require those who participate in sexual activity to take positive steps to ensure consent.

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The Use of Force by NSW Police Against First Nations Peoples Is Stark and Disproportionate

Nearly half of all reported incidents involving the use of force by police are directed against First Nations people.

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The Coming Biometric Digital ID Will Facilitate Nationwide Surveillance

The Albanese government is introducing laws which would further expand state surveillance of citizens.

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The Laws Relating to Possessing a Knives, Pepper Spray and Tasers in NSW

A defence lawyer’s fascinating insight into the operation of the law in our state, including examples and case studies.

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Laws Relating to Driving Conduct that Causes Grievous Bodily Harm in NSW

The bus driver alleged to be responsible for a deadly crash in the Hunter Valley is facing dozens of additional charges.

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What Are the Conditions of Apprehended Violence Orders in New South Wales?

An explanation of the standard and additional conditions that can attach to AVOs in our state.

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A Guide to Apprehended Violence Orders in the Children’s Court

The court focuses on diverting and rehabilitating young persons rather than punishing and thereby stigmatising them.

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Which Criminal Offences Could Apply to a ‘Peeping Tom’ in NSW?

A 51-year old man pleaded guilty to watching and filming a dozen females aged 15 to 49 through the windows of their homes.

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Working With Children: Should Better Checks Be Undertaken?

A former childcare worker has been charged with 1623 sexual offences against 91 children in 10 centres over 15 years.

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Albanese Complicit in United States’ Use of Australian Citizen as Political Pawn

The lawyer for ex-US fighter pilot, Australian Daniel Duggan, asserts his client is being used to bolster warmongering against China.

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