Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 16 to 22 September 2019

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Dozens Charged with Participating in a Criminal Group

Up to 40 people have been charged over an alleged day-care fraud ring, which has been described as “more disciplined than an outlaw motorcycle gang.”

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The NSW Laws Relating to Drug Detection Dogs

The laws were controversial when first enacted in 2002, and remain so to the present day.

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NSW Police Apologise for Strip Searches: An Interview With Socialist Alliance’s Evans and Price

The NSW Police Force has apologised for their unlawful strip search of two women.

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Man Awarded $400k for Police Brutality

Taxpayers will foot the bill for police misidentifying a man, entering his home, tying his hands and repeatedly assaulting him.

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Class Action Brought Over Robodebt

The lawsuit seeks the repayment of falsely claimed debts and compensation for the damage caused.

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The Lack of Ethnic Diversity in the NSW Magistracy

Despite improvements in gender equality, the magistracy remains an overwhelmingly Anglo institution in our state.

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George Pell’s Last Bid for Freedom

Lawyers for convicted child sex offender George Pell are seeking to take their fight to the highest court in the land.

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The Importance of Appearance Inside the Courtroom

The way you look and act at court can affect the outcome of your case.

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Join the Adani Blockade: An Interview With Frontline Action on Coal’s Andrea Valenzuela

Frontline Action on Coal is calling on activists to converge upon its Adani blockage to stop the Carmichael mine from going ahead.

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Boycott Alan Jones: An Interview With Mad F-cking Witches’ Jennie Hill

Many are calling for a boycott of radio shock-jock Alan Jones over his repeated sexist, misogynistic and racist on-air remarks.

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Mentally Ill Man Dies After Being Repeatedly Tasered by NSW Police

The inquest into the death of a mentally ill man heard he was tasered three times in two minutes before he stopped breathing.

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David Eastman to Sue Over Wrongful Murder Conviction

David Eastman is suing the government after being wrongfully convicted of murdering a senior AFP officer, and serving 19 years in prison as a result.

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Tibetans Lobby Canberra to Make China Accountable on Rights Abuses

Australian Tibetans are lobbying parliament to introduce reciprocal access laws so that “… journalists, diplomats and tourists” have “unrestricted access to Tibet”.

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