Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 21 to 27 November 2022

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Talking Rights and Mobilisation With India’s Durbar Sex Worker Collective

“[I]n society nobody is going to give you rights, you have to snatch them”.

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Police Overreach: Officers Harass Patrons Inside Sydney Events Venue

“[D]espite IDs being confirmed by security… police waiting inside… were asking patrons to see ID again, and then… to verify that ID by showing them social media, messages, etc on their phones”.

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Gunpowder to Genocide: A History of Violence by the Use of Firearms

Around 500 people die each day worldwide as a result of gun crimes. But how did it come to this?

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In What Circumstances Can I Change My Plea of Guilty to Not Guilty in NSW?

A man who pleaded guilty to murdering an American backpacker in 1988 has been allowed to change his plea and will now face trial.

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The History of Stealing Farm Animals in Australia

Rustling is also known as livestock stealing or raiding, and has been a concerning issue for Australian farmers for generations.

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Queensland Police Service Rewards Officer Who Crucified Honest Cop

The senior officer who served a disciplinary notice on a subordinate for exposing police brutality has been tasked with reforming police culture.

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NSW Police Assault Well-Known Protester: Officers Slam Danny Lim’s Face into Ground

Officers slammed the beloved 78-year old Sydney icon’s head into the ground.

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UK’s Anti-Protest Prevention Orders: A Sign of Things to Come for NSW?

The NSW parliament enacted some of the world’s most draconian anti-protest laws in April, while the UK has gone a step further.

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The Commonwealth Offence of Using a Carriage Service for Child Abuse Material

Former NRL star Brett Finch has avoided prison after pleading guilty to using a carriage service for child abuse material.

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Thugs in Blue Uniform: NSW Police Assault Beloved Sydney Identity

Danny Lim is recovering from his injuries after officers slammed the 78-year old’s head into the floor.

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NSW Police Has No Place at Mardi Gras, Says Pride in Protest’s Mikhael Burnard

There are calls for the organisation responsible for systemic brutality against the LGBTI community, and who will be conducting ‘decency checks’ at the Mardi Gras, to be barred from the parade.

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Police Assault on Lim Raises Questions About the Enforcement of Law in NSW

The assault on the beloved 78-year old Sydney icon exemplifies the brutality and lawlessness endemic in the state’s police force.

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The History of Parricide: Intentionally Killing a Close Family Member

The crime has been so reviled throughout history that many societies did not want to acknowledge it existed.

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Morrison’s Multiple Ministries: Power Grab Slammed and Justification Rubbished

The report into the former PM’s appointment to multiple ministries has described his conduct as “unnecessary”, “corrosive” and “bizarre”.

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Jury Reinstated in Murder Trial, After Judge Dismissed All Due to Actions of One Juror

The appeal court found it was wrong for a judge to dismiss an entire jury on suspicion that one juror had failed to follow directions.

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Protecting Australian Whistleblowers: The Federal Roadmap Report

It is hoped the recently released report will pave the way towards real protections for those who expose crime and corruption.

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This is a Police State: Restore the Right to Demonstrate

The police attack on beloved Sydney icon Danny Lim has renewed calls to restore the right to peacefully demonstrate in New South Wales.

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Older Women Are the Fastest Growing Cohort of Homeless, Explains Greens MLC Abigail Boyd

An inquiry into the growing issue of homelessness amongst older women has made several positive recommendations for change.

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