Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 14 to 20 November 2022

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Police to Investigate Suspicious Death of Indigenous Man in Police Custody

An internal police investigation has been launched into the unexplained death of a man in a police watchhouse.

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The Evolution of Responses to Domestic Violence in Modern Society

Despite moves across the globe to criminalise domestic violence, it remains legal or at least tolerated in many nations to this very day.

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“In India, We’re All Advocates”: Photographs of the Legal System in Guwahati, Assam

Legal professions in countries including India and the United States don’t draw a distinction between barristers and solicitors.

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Should Juries Be Sequestered More Often in Australia?

The recent mistrial of Bruce Lerhmann has triggered debate about whether juries should be isolated each day after court.

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A Photographic Deliberation Upon Kolkata’s Controversial Hand-Pulled Rickshaws

While many are uncomfortable about being pulled around by humans, rickshaws continue to be a convenient form of transport in India.

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Sentence Reduced Because Lawyer Neglected to Meet Deadline for Guilty Plea Discount

The lawyer failed to notify the court of her client’s intention to plead guilty.

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Indian Trade Unions Protest in Kolkata Over Teachers Recruitment Scam: In Photos

Employing job candidates for kickbacks is nothing new, but many Indians are now taking a stand against the corrupt practice.

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A-G Won’t Explain How ‘The Voice’ Will Affect Acknowledged First Nations Sovereignty

The federal attorney-general’s office says it’s too busy to explain how ‘constitutional recognition’ will impact on First Nations sovereignty.

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Calls for Inquiry Into Illegal Use of Strip Searches and Efficacy of Drug Dog Operations

A petition has been launched calling for a royal commission into the routine use of illegal and humiliating strip searches.

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The Workplace Offence of Engaging in Discriminatory Conduct for a Prohibited Reason in NSW

Qantas is facing criminal charges after it allegedly dismissed a worker for directing his colleagues not to clean a plane inbound from China.

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The Criminal Offence of Coercive Control in New South Wales

New laws were passed this week making it a crime to exert coercive control on a current or former intimate partner.

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Witch-Hunting Is Gender-Based Violence: Talking Women’s Rights With India’s North East Network

The women’s rights group has been instrumental in the outlawing of witch-hunting in India.

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With McBride and Boyle Fried, Dreyfus Commits to Whistleblower Protections

The attorney general claims he’ll strengthen whistleblower protections, but the promise comes too late for those already treated as criminals for speaking the truth.

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NZ Delegation Puts Australian Deportation Abuses on UN Torture Agenda

Australia has deported around 7000 people on grounds of character, many of whom were long term residents with only minor offences.

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World Leaders Sign Declaration to Introduce COVID Vaccine Passports

Twenty of the world’s most developed nations, including Australia, say they will introduce vaccine passports next year.

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Talking Rights and Mobilisation With India’s Durbar Sex Worker Collective

While courts in India have recently declared sex work to be legal, the qualification that it must be undertaken in a ‘dignified manner’ has led to a rise in police harassment and intimidation.

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