Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 22 to 28 October 2018

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Should Children Accused of Serious Crimes be Brought before Adult Courts?

A 17-year old was recently charged with fatally stabbing a man in Sydney’s west.

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Residential Rehabilitation Should Partly Count Towards Prison Sentence

The appeals court found that around half the time spent in residential rehabilitation should count towards a prison sentence.

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Family Court Needs Urgent Overhaul, says new Chief Justice

The newly appointed Chief Justice of the Family Court has labelled the system as slow, expensive and inaccessible to those who need it most.

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‘It’s OK to Be White’: Coalition Senators Briefly Admit Their Allegiance

The Coalition’s brief support for Pauline Hanson’s motion is consistent with its other racially divisive policies.

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Calls for Queensland to Reform Sexual Assault Laws

Victims’ groups want defendants to be prohibited from relying on a genuine belief that the complainant was consenting, and for their past convictions to be brought before juries.

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Is Public Nudity a Crime in New South Wales?

Two Bulldogs rugby league players faced Downing Centre Local Court today charged with obscene exposure.

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Teen Charged with Causing Grievous Bodily Harm

It is alleged the 17-year old boy slashed a 12-year old schoolgirl’s face with a box cutter.

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Commonwealth to Strengthen Laws Against Online Bullying

The consequences of online bullying can be devastating.

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Morrison’s Jerusalem Moment: The Damage Done

The prime minister’s attempt to win last minute votes in the Wentworth byelection has caused lasting damage both domestically and internationally.

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AFP to Demand Anyone’s ID and Move Them On at Airports

Under proposed new laws, officers will no longer need a ‘reasonable suspicion’ to demand identification.

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Canada Legalises Cannabis, But There’s Not Enough to Go Around

Recreational cannabis is now legal in Canada, but supply isn’t keeping up with demand.

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A Million Uyghur Civilians Arbitrarily Detained: An Interview with the WUC’s Shahrezad Ghayrat

The Chinese government is detaining a million Uyghur people without charge in political indoctrination camps.

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12 Million Face Starvation in Yemen

Organisations like Oxfam are working to save the lives of millions facing starvation in the impoverished nation.

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‘The Saddest Case’: Innocent Mentally Impaired Woman Spends 18 Months in Prison

A 39-year old mentally impaired woman was found not guilty but spent 18 months locked in solitary confinement.

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Man Sacked for Wearing ‘Willy Warmer’ in the Workplace

A man was dismissed for ‘gross misconduct’ after parading through his workplace wearing an ‘elephant thong willy warmer’.

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Preventing Violence Against Women: An Interview With Our Watch CEO Patty Kinnersly

“[V]iolence against women is a national crisis. Women and children in our community are at genuine risk and we need to act.”

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