Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 15 to 21 October 2018

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Anti-Fake News Laws: Preventing Misinformation or Silencing Dissent?

Many believe laws against ‘fake news’ are more about silencing critics of the government than reducing misinformation.

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Peter Dutton’s Office Under Investigation

Australian Federal Police raided the Home Affairs Department as part of its investigation into alleged criminal offences.

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What are the Penalties in the Children’s Court?

The children’s court places a strong emphasis on diversion and rehabilitation when sentencing young offenders.

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If Doubt is Cast, the Conviction Cannot Last

The appeals court overturned the conviction because the evidence raised significant doubt regarding guilt.

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The Duty of Disclosure in Criminal Cases

Australian prosecutors have a legal duty to serve all relevant material upon the defence.

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The Foetal Manslaughter Debate. Should Unborn Babies be Separately Protected?

A recent car crash that resulted in the destruction of two unborn babies has led to calls for laws against foetal manslaughter.

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Religious Freedom Laws: PM Proposes Schools Can Sack Teachers, but Not Expel Students

Scott Morrison says religious freedoms laws will be there to protect all students.

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Which Cases Are Heard in the Children’s Court?

Not all criminal and traffic cases that involve those under 18 are heard in the Children’s Court.

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Authorising the Unlawful: The Powers of Undercover Police in NSW

There are laws which empower NSW police officers to commit unlawful acts.

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Death Count Soars as Epidemic of Violence Against Women Continues

Eight women have been killed violently in Australia this month alone. Seven of them allegedly knew the men who killed them. Yet there is no national outcry.

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Court Upholds 30-Year Prison Sentence for Domestic Murder

The court refused Mr Al-Harazi’s appeal against his conviction and sentence for the murder of his wife.

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First Nation Economic Independence: An Interview With the Treaty Council’s Alex Wymarra

The Treaty Council is building economic independence for the First Nations peoples it represents.

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Queensland Legalises Abortion, While NSW Continues Criminalisation

The sunshine state has legalised abortion, while the procedure continues to be a crime in NSW.

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Kids Off Nauru: An Interview With World Vision Australia’s Andrew White

Children have been detained at Nauru for up to 5 years. Several have attempted suicide.

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White Nationalists Plan to Infiltrate Mainstream Australian Politics

Members of an alt-right group recently joined the NSW Young Nationals and introduced motions about race and immigration control. And this could be just the start.

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Government May Remove Speed Camera ‘Warning’ Signs

The NSW government may remove signs which warn drivers of speed cameras ahead. Safety measure or revenue raiser?

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