Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 23 to 29 May 2022

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Australia Has Spoken: Greenslides, Triumphant Independents and Far-Right Rejection

Australians have turned to independents and minority parties who call for climate action and a federal corruption watchdog.

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Exploitation of Migrant Workers Set to Increase

New rules which allow short term visa holders to work unlimited hours could lead to a rise in illegal exploitation.

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Dutton’s Loses Defamation Case as Tweet Hadn’t Implied Anything Untrue

The appeal court found that a tweet stating ‘Peter Dutton is a rape apoligist’ was not defamatory as its imputations were not untrue.

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NSW Police Claim Victory in the War on Drugs

Police have likened the overnight raids in Sydney to ‘cutting the head off the snake’, but many see the war on drugs as futile and even counterproductive.

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Albanese Could Bring an End to Coalition’s Political Prosecutions

The new PM says he will introduce whistleblower protections, but it’s not known whether he will push to end the prosecutions of Collaery and McBride, and for the return of Assange.

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Losing Politicians Set to Receive Millions in ‘Resettlement’ Payouts

Taxpayers will foot the bill for ousted politicians to return to their ‘normal’ lives.

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“The Most Culturally Diverse Federal Election Ever”: Interview With Politics in Colour’s Kat Henaway

The recent election marked a seismic shift in terms of who we want representing us.

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Bill Cosby Faces Multiple Civil Lawsuits Over Sexual Assault Claims

The former entertainer had his criminal convictions overturned but is now facing multiple civil lawsuits from sexual assault complainants.

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The Return of the Dutton: The Coalition Strikes Back With the Archconservative

Having an authoritarian as opposition leader will make it harder to pass laws which create accountability and restore liberties.

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Uyghur County Has Highest Prison Rate on Earth: Interview With AUTWA’s Ramila Chanisheff

China’s far eastern Xinjiang province has the highest incarceration rate on Earth, as Beijing imprisons vast numbers of Uyghur’s without due process.

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Albanese Gets Back to Business as Usual, But the Progressives Await

With a new PM came fresh hope, but many are disappointed with Albanese’s recent remarks regarding refugees and foreign aggression.

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Time to Legalise: Australia Demands Cannabis Law Reform

The federal election saw a sharp rise in votes for parties that advocate the legalisation of cannabis.

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Dictator Dutton’s Disdain for Democracy: Part 1, Building the Surveillance State

The man who wants to be our next PM championed hundreds of rights-eroding laws during the Coalition’s nine-year reign.

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