Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 25 to 31 January 2021

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

NSW Premier’s Office Acted Illegally, But Won’t be Prosecuted

The investigation found the premier’s office illegally shredded documents relating to $252 million in grants, but charges are unlikely to be laid.

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Berejiklian Illegally Shredded Documents Detailing Pork Barrelling, Report Finds

NSW State Archives and Records has found that the premier’s office acted illegally by destroying documents which detail pork barrelling.

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Free Them All: The Government Is Finally Releasing the Medevac Detainees

The government has started releasing Medevac detainees, but many remain locked up.

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Covid-19 Vaccine Approved, But Questions Remain as to Safety and Effectiveness

There are concerns about the vaccine’s safety and effectiveness, as well as its potential to be used to facilitate further social control.

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“Who Celebrates Genocide?”: An Interview With FISTT’s Gwenda Stanley

Sydney’s Invasion Day rally attracted more people than ever before, with the growing awareness that 26 January is not a day to celebrate.

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What is a Contempt of Court?

A man is suing the judge who committed a ‘gross miscarriage of justice’ by sending him to prison for contempt of court in a family law case.

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The Threat of Climate-Caused Societal Collapse: An Interview With ANU Professor Will Steffen

“We’re seeing disruption of social and economic systems, particularly due to extreme weather events, which are made worse by climate change.”

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The Invasion Day Rally Was About Much More Than Changing the Date

The rally addressed a range of issues including over-incarceration, over-policing, deaths in custody, child removals and socio-economic disadvantage.

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Camera Phones Are the “Single Best” Tool for Police Accountability

The devices have enabled the public to expose conduct which may previously have been hidden or denied.

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COVID-19 and the Global Shift Towards Authoritarian Governance

“A public health emergency does not… give license to governments to cast aside their obligations to uphold fundamental rights and liberties.”

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Former School Principal Faces 74 Child Sexual Abuse Charges

The former principal is facing multiple charges of sexually assaulting three former students.

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