Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 25 to 31 March 2019

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Judges and Lawyers Must Assist Those Who Represent Themselves

Legal professionals are required to promote the interests of justice by assisting those who self-represent.

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The Law on Filming a Private Act in New South Wales

A man is facing court today over allegations he hid a camera inside a deodorant stick to film his roommate showering.

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The High Court Rules the Prasad Direction Is Unlawful

The court found it is unlawful for a judges to inform a jury that it is permissible to return an early verdict of not guilty following a weak prosecution case.

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Coalition Re-Elected Despite its Assault on Civil Liberties. So What’s Next?

The Coalition will govern in its own right, giving it the green light to accelerate the removal of freedoms and legal safeguards.

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Calls for Overhaul of Drug Driving Laws

Tests should be for impairment levels of substances like the tests for drink driving, not mere presence.

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Company Director Accused of Multi-Million Dollar Fraud

A former director of a cruise ship company has been charged with multiple fraud offences.

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Privately-Run Prisons to be Returned to Public Management

Two privately run prisons in Queensland will be returned to state hands due to ‘significant corruption’ and increases in assaults, the use of excessive force and misuse of authority.

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Solidarity With Palestinians: An Interview With Palestine Action Group’s Damian Ridgwell

The Palestinian Action Group is raising awareness about the human rights abuses committed against the Palestinian people.

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Rallying for the Trans Day of Visibility: An Interview With Trans Action Warrang

Trans Action Warrang is promoting the rights of trans people and shedding light on key issues faced by the trans community.

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Should the Public be Able to Elect and Dismiss Judges?

Your opinion:

Should be public be allowed to hire and fire magistrates and judges?

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Domestic Violence Victim Wins Case Against Queensland Police

A woman forced into hiding after a police officer leaked her new address to his ‘mate’ – the woman’s abusive ex-partner – has won her case for breach of privacy.

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Justice for Bowraville: Calls to Review NSW Double Jeopardy Laws

There are calls for a review of double jeopardy laws after they stood in the way of a man suspected of the Bowraville murders being ordered to face a retrial.

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Maralinga No More: The British Nuclear Bombing of First Nations Lands

The British destroyed the lives and lands of local First Nations peoples when they conducted seven above-ground nuclear tests at Maralinga in South Australia.

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