Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 11 to 17 February 2019

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Banking Executives Expected to Face Criminal Charges

The Royal Commission has recommended criminal charges against top banking executives.

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Criminal Lawyers Suspected of “Appalling” Misconduct

A further five Victorian lawyers may have been on the state’s police informant list.

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An Inmate’s New Sentence Does Not Need to Run Consecutively

The appeals court found that the fact a person is in prison doesn’t necessarily mean their sentence for a new offence must commence after the expiry of their existing sentence.

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Pill Testing Kits Available at Pharmacies

A chain of pharmacies has started selling pill testing kits over the counter.

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Court Blocks Hunter Valley Coal Mine

The Land and Environment Court placed a heavy emphasis on social and environmental factors in rejecting a plan for an open-cut coal mine in the Upper Hunter Valley.

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Royal Commission Denounces Top NAB Executives

The Royal Commission’s final report took special aim at two executives from the National Australia Bank.

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Whataboutism: Avoiding Topics by Raising Irrelevant Ones

What about this? What about that? ‘Whataboutism’ is a technique used by those seeking to avoid the topic at hand.

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Another Casualty of the War on Festivals: An Interview With a Psyfari Organiser

Premier Berejiklian’s solution to deaths at music festivals is to price the events out of existence.

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Government Breaks Promise to Crackdown on Tax Avoidance by Multi-Nationals

“This shows that this government serves at the pleasure of the rich and the powerful.”

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The Panama Papers: A Lesson in Tax Avoidance

The largest financial leak in history is a perfect guide on how to avoid paying tax.

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Laws Empowering Government to Revoke Citizenship May be Unconstitutional

The government’s plan to make it easier to strip people of their Australian citizenship may amount to a breach the Constitution.

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Supreme Court Justice Criticised for Divisive Remarks About Islam

Justice Fagan has been criticised for acting outside his role as a judge by making divisive remarks about Islam in court.

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NSW Government Continues its War on Music Festivals

Premier Berejiklian has found a way to stop deaths at music festivals: price and regulate the events out of existence.

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Catholic Church Continues Refusal to Report Child Sexual Assaults

The Catholic Church is adamant it will not report information regarding the sexual abuse of children despite the Royal Commission hearing evidence of 4,444 incidents of child sexual abuse in Australia alone.

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Justice Now for David Dungay: An Interview With Leetona Rose Dungay

Guards rushed the mental health cell of 26-year old David Dungay because he wouldn’t stop eating his rice crackers.

The Indigenous man repeatedly stated he couldn’t breathe while being held face down by six guards. He stopped breathing moments later.

Now, David’s mother speaks out about her son’s death.

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