Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 11 to 17 March 2019

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Sydney Magistrate on Trial for Allegedly Sexually Abusing Teenage Boy

The magistrate is on trial over claims he indecently assaulted a teenage boy nearly 40 years ago.

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Criminal Lawyer ‘Struck Off’ After Being Convicted of Drug Supply

A Sydney criminal defence lawyer who campaigned against drug use has been removed from the roll of practitioners after being convicted of drug supply.

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The Ellis Defence: How the Church Avoided Paying Child Sexual Abuse Victims

The defence protects the Catholic Church from being sued by victims of child sexual abuse.

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All NSW Crime Categories Are in Decline, Except One

Statistics suggest that all major categories of crime are falling in New South Wales, with one notable exception.

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Wage Theft to be Made a Crime

The federal government intends to make it a crime to deliberately underpay employees.

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‘Brazen, Forcible and Breathtakingly Arrogant’: Pell Sent to Prison

Cardinal Pell will spend his first night behind bars as a sentenced child sex offender.

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Police Strip-Search 19-Year Old, Find Nothing but Kick Her Out of Festival Anyway

‘This war on music festivals has gone way too far as I know I wasn’t the only one treated this unfairly.’

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Justice Delayed is Justice Denied: Calls for Speedier Outcomes to Criminal Cases

A Sydney mother is calling for reform after spending four years seeking justice for her daughters, who were repeatedly sexually abused by their stepfather.

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NSW Greens Push to Legalise Recreational Cannabis

The new law would enable the purchase of cannabis for personal use, allow up to six plants at home and authorise smoking where cigarettes are currently permitted.

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Progressive Change for Kooyong: An Interview With Australian Greens’ Julian Burnside QC

Renowned human rights barrister Julian Burnside is running against treasurer Josh Frydenberg in the next federal election.

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John Pat’s Death in Custody: The Impetus for the Royal Commission

John Pat died in police custody after being assaulted by five police officers in a pub. The incident paved the way for the Royal Commission.

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Police Should Test for Impairment Levels of Drugs, Not Minute Traces

Police are continuing to arrest drivers for minute traces of drugs, the effects of which have long worn off.

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Fraser Anning’s Reaction to Being Egged: Assault or Self-Defence?

The Queensland Senator reacted by striking the 17-year old twice to the head.

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Eliminating Hep C: An Interview With Hepatitis NSW CEO Stuart Loveday

Nearly 200,000 people are living with hepatitis C in Australia, and many are unaware there’s a cure.

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