Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 20 to 26 April 2020

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Drunken Shooter Avoids Prison Due to COVID-19

A man who accidentally shot his daughter in the head while trying to scare her was given a non-custodial sentence, partly due to the threat COVID-19 would pose in prison.

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The Offence of Dishonestly Obtaining a Financial Advantage by Deception

Former NSW RSL President Don Rowe has been convicted for defrauding the organisation of nearly $10,000.

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No COVID-19 Uni Cuts: An Interview With Students Organising Resistance’s Shovan Bhattarai

Students are holding a national day of action to support educators who are facing the prospect of wage cuts and job losses.

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COVID-19: Australia Joins Calls for International Investigation

There are calls for an investigation into the genesis of the virus, with a view to enforcing measures to reduce the risk of reoccurrence.

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“A Looming Humanitarian Crisis”, as Migrant Workers Are Left in the Cold

Despite contributing greatly to our economy, migrant workers have been left out of the government’s financial rescue package.

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Homeless Man Imprisoned For Sleeping on a Park Bench

The man was fined then imprisoned for “for unlawfully being outside his place of residence during the COVID-19 outbreak”.

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The Offence of Failing to School Your Child

Not sending your child to school, or otherwise providing appropriate schooling, can amount to an offence.

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COVID Policing in Australia: An Interview With Liberty Victoria’s Michael Stanton

Community legal groups have launched a website to monitor and record the heavy-handed enforcement of COVID-19 restrictions.

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COVID-19: Is More Police the Answer?

250 additional police officers will be deployed in NSW to enforce COVID-19 social controls.

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No Social Licence for Effective App Take-Up: An Interview With Digital Rights Watch’s Lizzie O’Shea

Several organisations have raised concerns about the government’s proposed mobile phone tracing app.

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Tanya Day’s Family Continue Fight to See Justice for Their Mother

The coroner has recommended that criminal charges be considered against two police officers who were responsible for monitoring a woman when she died in custody.

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Scout Leader Sent to Prison For Child Sexual Offences

A former NSW Scout Leader has been sentenced to 31 years behind bars for 12 child sexual assault offences.

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The Second Wave: How COVID Police Powers Could Become Permanent

There are concerns governments will use fears of a ‘second wave’ or future viruses to prolong current controls, and ultimately enact them into permanent legislation.

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COVID-19: Victoria Introduces Judge-Only Trials

Those in custody for County Court proceedings will need to either plead guilty or agree to a judge-alone trial, if they wish to have their cases finalised during COVID-19.

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Pandemic or Not, the Morrison Squad Represents the Corporates

Despite COVID-19, the Morrison government continues to prioritise the interests of corporates over the needs of the community.

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