Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 30 January to 5 February 2023

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme: The Right to Know or an Unjustified Intrusion on Privacy?

The scheme would enable anyone to quickly ascertain whether someone has a history of domestic violence.

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The Laws Relating to Public Nudity in New South Wales

The ‘Free the nipple’ movement has drawn attention to criminal laws which prohibit public nudity.

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What is the Difference Between First, Second and Third Degree Murder?

Five United States police officers have been charged with second degree murder for fatally assaulting a 29-year old man during a traffic stop.

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Go to Hell Pell: CARR’s April Holcombe on Protesting the Cardinal’s Funeral

Rather than honour George Pell at his mass, many will protest his legacy of enabling child sexual abuse and preaching bigotry.

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Prison Guards Contravened Remandee’s Human Rights, Coroner Finds

The coroner found Ms Nelson died after prison guards failed to adequately respond to her dozens of calls for help.

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Employer-Paid Domestic Violence Leave is Now Available to Employees

The PM has boasted of generously providing paid domestic violence leave, while directing business owners to pay the entirety of the costs.

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Personality Disorders Should Be Considered a Mitigating Factor in Sentencing

The initial judge was wrong not to reduce the defendant’s sentence due to her personality disorder.

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Protesting Pell’s Legacy of Enabling Child Sex Offences

Rather than mourning the Cardinal’s passing, many will today be expressing the view he was never brought to justice for lives destroyed.

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Onshore Immigration Detention Centres are Rife With Abuses, Ombudsman Finds

The inspection team found human rights abuses to be the norm inside Australian immigration detention facilities.

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Offences Relating to Children Accessing or Being Shown Pornographic Material

An explanation of the laws which relate to children accessing or being exposed to sexually explicit material in NSW.

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What is the Role of the New South Wales Education Standards Authority?

Controversial Opus Dei schools are under investigation in the wake of a television exposè.

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The “Hi Mum” Scam and the Offence of Fraud

A 21-year old man has been charged with fraud for allegedly obtaining money through messages where he pretended to be the recipient’s child.

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A System in Crisis: Socialist Alliance NSW Candidate Rachel Evans on Radical Solutions

With major parties putting politics ahead of public interest, voters are looking elsewhere for honest candidates who will work to benefit our nation.

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Sydney Calls Out Apartheid Israel in the Wake of the Jenin Massacre

Sydneysiders have taken to the streets in a show of solidarity with Palestinians, after Israel carried out the deadliest raids on the West Bank for decades.

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Is It a Crime to Have Sexual Intercourse in a Public Place?

With World Pride 2023 just around the corner, areas known as ‘beats’ are likely to get a good working – as well as police attention.

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We’re Taking Back Our Land and Future, Says Black Peoples Union’s Kieran Stewart-Assheton

“Only by taking control of our own future, can we truly heal from the trauma of colonisation.”

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Attorney General to Reform National Security Secrecy Orders, as Closed Trials Continue

Australia’s chief law officer says there will be changes to national security laws, but trials will continue to be held in secret.

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Thorpe on the Shadow of Paternalism Alice Casts on the Voice

While our PM talks up ‘The Voice’, policies in Alice Springs exemplify the government’s paternalism towards First Nations people.

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