Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 9 to 15 November 2020

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

The Netflix Access Scam: How Did the Mastermind Do it?

A Sydney IT professional is facing prison time after pleading guilty to profiting from hacking access to Netflix.

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Punishing, Silencing and Detaining the Innocent: An Interview With Refugee Farhad Rahmati

The federal government is doing all it can to silence genuine refugees who’ve been detained for years in immigration facilities.

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The ICAC and NSW Corruption Offences

The NSW ICAC has broad powers to investigate allegations of corruption by officials our state.

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Increase in Corruption Complaints Against Home Affairs is a Positive Sign, Watchdog Claims

The federal law enforcement watchdog claims that a spike in corruption complaints against Home Affairs is a positive rather than negative sign.

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First Nations Mobilising Was Overpoliced, Again, at Sydney’s Djab Wurrung Rally

Saturation policing has come to signify demonstrations involving the interests of First Nations people.

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The Nats Are Still Attempting to Kill Off Koalas: An Interview With Greens MLC Cate Faehrmann

The Nationals have a new bill which attempts to ‘clear’ the natural habitat of koalas.

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NSW Police Officer Charged with Assaulting Teenager

The officer struck the naked teen 16 times with his baton as the boy lay on the ground pleading, “Help. Please, God, I need water. I’m not resisting”.

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Systemic Bullying, Brutality and Cover-Ups: Officers Speak Out Against Toxic Police Culture

NSW police officers have spoken against the culture of rewarding ‘bad cops’ and forcing the good ones out.

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“It’s Designed to Fail”: Geoffrey Watson SC on Morrison’s Federal ICAC Proposal

Barrister Geoffrey Watson SC explains how the form of Federal ICAC proposed by the Morrison government will make it virtually useless.

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Teflon Gladys. Is it Time for the NSW Premier to Resign?

There are renewed calls for Ms Berejiklian to resign over findings her office shredded documents relating to $252 million of questionable government grants.

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Refugees Call to Be Reunited With Their Families

Genuine refugees are protesting outside Kirribilli House to end their separation from detained genuine refugee family members.

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The Offence of Wounding or Causing Grievous Bodily Harm With Intent in NSW

Four men are facing charges after an employee of a Sydney bar was allegedly stabbed over an altercation about smoking.

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Why Is the Coalition So Reluctant to Establish a Federal Anti-Corruption Watchdog?

“[T]he last thing AG Porter and PM Morrison want to do is to launch… [an effective] federal ICAC”.

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Join the Trans Day of Resistance in Newtown: Pride in Protest’s Charlie Murphy

Proposed laws represent an “incredibly sadistic and cruel way of trying to hurt and oppress minorities, at a time when they’re vulnerable.”

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