Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 26 October to 1 November 2020

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Drug Supply Prohibition Orders: Targeting Those Who Have ‘Served Their Time’

NSW police are being given the power to arbitrarily stop, search and detain people who have served their time for drug offences, as well as search their cars and homes.

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Drunk Probationary Cop Assaults Terrified Woman While Waving Badge

The incident has many questioning how such people are allowed to become police officers in the first place.

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The Offence of Disseminating, Possessing or Producing Child Abuse Material

The AFP has charged 44 men with child abuse material offences, as part of an international investigation into a worldwide child sexual exploitation network.

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The Offence of Cultivating a Prohibited Plant in New South Wales

Fourteen people have been charged over what police describe as one of the largest cannabis seizures in the nation’s history.

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When Can a Jury Be Discharged in New South Wales?

A jury presiding over the trial of a swimming instructor charged with child sexual assault has been discharged.

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Calls to Ban NSW Police From Participating in Mardi Gras

There are calls to ban police floats from the Mardi Gras, given the history of police violence towards LGBTIQ people.

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“The Government Has Shown No Mercy”: Dane de Leon on a KP120 Refugee Suicide Attempt

Refugee Saif Ali Saif attempted to take his own life, after watching his wife and child for a year from detention in a hotel room became too much for him.

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Black Lives Matter Triumphs Over the Attempts to Suppress Dissent

“We have an opportunity right now to demand change – to demand the change that… [First Nations] people have been fighting for.”

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NSW Premier’s Office Accused of Corruption

Former Auditor General Tony Harris says the Premier’s office acted unlawfully by shredding evidence relating to $250 million of questionable government grants.

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What are the Powers of Citizens’ Arrest in New South Wales?

The actions of two so-called ‘Pedo Hunters’ have put an alleged sexual predator behind bars.

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Supporting Refugees Made Destitute by Dutton: An Interview With BMRSG’s Brendan Doyle

The government’s policy of cancelling support to refugees in long term detention has been devastating.

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A Victory for the People: Bolivia Reinstates Indigenous-Based Democracy

Despite a “US and military-backed coup” against it and “a constant media campaign to demonise” it, the MAS party “not only won the October election, but increased its vote.”

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“A Massive Victory”: Democracy Is Essential’s Eleanor Morley on Lifting the Protest Ban

Up to 500 people are now permitted to protest a “governmental or political matter”.

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Legalising Cannabis Would Assist Australia Out of Its Deep Recession

“The benefits… [of a regulated cannabis market] are immense and now measurable in places like the Netherlands, and some American states”.

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Should a Regulated Cannabis Market be Introduced in Australia?

Many are calling for a regulated cannabis market, which would reduce the harms caused by prohibition while injecting billions into the economy.

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