Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 28 September to 4 October 2020

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Is Leaving Your Vehicle’s Window Open an Offence in New South Wales?

NSW police have been accused of revenue raising after fining a couple for leaving their truck’s window open while the vehicle was parked just outside their home.

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NSW Drug Court Is Effective in Reducing Reoffending, Study Finds

Those who participate in the Drug Court program are significantly less likely to reoffend than those with similar offences who don’t participate.

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NSW Police Intimidate Student Lunch Meeting: An Interview With Democracy Is Essential’s Chloe Rafferty

While thousands attend the footie, NSW police are doing all they can to suppress dissent on university campuses.

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Should Pepper Spray be Legalised in Australia?

There are calls for pepper spray to be legalised across Australia, to enable women and vulnerable people to defend themselves against assaults.

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The Authorities Fear the Movement to Stop Atrocities on First Nations People

A silent march through the Sydney CBD is a reminder of the lengths to which police will go in order to divert attention away from First Nations deaths in custody.

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NSW Police Officers Threaten to Break Man’s Legs During Unlawful Arrest

The magistrate threw all charges against the man out of court, describing the actions of arresting officers as ‘unlawful’, ‘unprofessional’ and ‘outrageous’.

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“It Should Put all Australians on Notice”: Wilkie on the Unjust Assange Extradition Trial

The prosecution of Julian Assange is “riddled with inconsistency and hypocrisy”.

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China Rolls Out Forced Labour Camps in Tibet: An Interview With ATC’s Gemima Harvey

In an escalation of its authoritarian control, China has been creating forced labour camps in Tibet.

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Good Cop Wins Battle Against Unfair Dismissal

The officer argued that he was targeted due to the homophobic culture within the NSW Police Force.

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The Unholy Alliance Between One Nation’s Mark Latham and the Berejiklian Coalition

One Nation’s Mark Latham has been introducing divisive legislation into NSW parliament, which has benefited the government by making their policies appear moderate.

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The Offence of Tampering with Evidence in New South Wales

A senior constable is facing court over allegations he fabricated an assault against him, accessed restricted data without authorisation and tampered with evidence.

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Court Enables Child Sexual Abuse Victims to Sue Catholic Church

The Supreme Court of Victoria has declared a deed of release signed by a victim of child sexual abuse to be invalid, paving the way for legal proceedings against the Catholic Church.

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NSW LGBTIQ Laws Have Come a Long Way, But More Reforms Are Needed

Homosexuality was decriminalised in 1984 and marriage equality was recently legislated, but there’s “still important work to do”.

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SA Police Advertise That Drug Driving Laws Target the Unimpaired

South Australian police are flaunting the fact they are targeting drivers who are no longer impaired.

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